Traffic Pattern Following Twin Beach Fireworks

Wednesday, July 3rd 2019

Kellam’s Field will open at 4 PM to the public to watch the Fireworks

1.   At the conclusion of the fireworks, all traffic leaving from the west side of Rt. 261 will only be allowed to turn right. The traffic will follow Rt. 261 to Summer City Blvd. onto Dalrymple Rd. to the light controlled intersection at Rt. 2 or continue south to Ponds Wood Rd or Cox Rd

2.   Traffic exiting from the east side of Rt. 261 will turn right onto Rt. 261.

3.   Eastbound traffic on Rt. 260 will be stopped at Rt. 261 to let traffic exit parking lots along 261.

5.   Traffic leaving North of Rt. 260 on Rt. 261 will only be allowed to turn right. All Traffic approaching Rt. 260 will flow up 27th St to G St. onto Rt. 260 westbound. Traffic from North Beach will utilize 5th St. to Boyd’s Turn onto Rt. 260.

6.   The side roads along Rt. 260 will be blocked to G ST.

7.    Vehicles parked at Kellam’s Field, Water Park or Marina will exit via the Chesapeake Town Hall parking Lot. They will make a right turn at Rt. 261.

Traffic Pattern for Solomons Fireworks

Thursday, July 4th 2019
1.     Traffic will be completely shut down at the intersection of Lore Road and Rt. 765 once fireworks display begins.
2.     The road in front of the Solomons Island Visitor Center will be shut down completely from the St.
         Mary’s exit from Glascock Field to Rt. 2.
3.     Southbound traffic will be prohibited from gaining access to Solomons Island for approximately one hour after the fireworks display ends.

4.     The exit from Glascock Field to Rt. 2 will allow traffic to flow northbound in the southbound lane. 
        This traffic will exit onto Rt. 4 North at the exit across from Roy Rogers.

5.      All traffic leaving Solomons Island beyond Glascock Field will continue north along Rt. 2 to the access to Rt. 4 just north of Boomerang’s Restaurant. Motorists needing to travel south can proceed to the light at Patuxent Point Parkway to make the left onto southbound Rt. 4.

6.      The access for southbound traffic to exit to go under the Thomas Johnson Bridge will be blocked with delineating devices.

7.     The exit for northbound traffic to gain access onto Rt. 2 at the base of the bridge will be blocked with delineating devices.

8.     The median crossovers in front of Patuxent Plaza and the Navy Rec Center will be blocked off with delineating devices.

The Maryland State Highway Administration and the Calvert County Highway Maintenance Department will assist with traffic direction.
There will be deputies posted at all intersections with heavy traffic flow to ensure compliance with the traffic flow plan.