(L) Leon Noland (R) Karen Wingfield

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – On February 2nd, 2019 Deputy Sampson conducted a traffic stop in the area of Dares Beach Road and North Solomons Island Road.

The driver, identified as Leon Paul Noland, 55, indicated that he did not have a registration sticker because his tag was stolen a few days prior. Noland and the passenger, who was later identified as Karen Walls Wingfield, 64, were asked to step out of the vehicle while a K9 scan was conducted which resulted in a positive alert.

The Calvert County Control Center advised Noland had an active warrant through another county. A search of the vehicle revealed suspected cocaine residue inside of an Altoid tin which was located Wingfield’s purse. Other contraband located inside the vehicle included a glass jar containing dried mint infused with suspected PCP, a pill bottle with dried mint which also emitted the odor of PCP when opened, three smaller glass vials with suspected PCP residue, one eye dropper with suspected PCP residue, a plastic screwdriver that contained suspected PCP on the handle, and several other small vials containing suspected PCP.

Noland and Wingfield were both placed under arrest and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where they were charged with CDS: Possession- Not Marijuana and CDS: Possession- Paraphernalia.