A consortium of St. Mary’s County police officers conducted a two-phase sting operation in Lexington Park on Friday night, that resulted in the arrest of two suspected prostitutes, 10 men seeking sex for cash, and three other men for drugs and disorderly conduct.

The first phase of the operation phase focused on the local prostitutes, BCI Lt. Daniel Alioto reported today.

During the initial phase an undercover officer posing as a “John” was approached by suspect Sheila Christine Vernon, 36, of no fixed address, and the suspect offered sexual favors for a specific amount of money.

She was arrested for prostitution without incident.

The same undercover officer was approached by Patricia Louise Tippett, 27, of Lexington Park, and she to offered sexual favors for a specific amount of money and was also arrested for prostitution without incident.

The second phase of the operation was to replace the arrested and displaced prostitutes with undercover officers. The following suspects were arrested during phase two and charged with one count of soliciting prostitution:

– Joshua Esequiel Atencio, 24, Manassas Virginia;

– James Rudolf Price,18 of Callaway;

– Christopher Joseph Swann, 23 of Lexington Park;

– Galyx Huston Lamaster, 26 of Lusby;

– Raymond Lionel Jones, 48 of Leonardtown;

– Patrick Alfonzo Gayle, 18 of Lexington Park;

– Brian S. McCain; 35 of Washington D.C.;

– Micahel Dominic Desarno, 33 of Lusby;

– Joseph Ellsworth Young, 55 of Waldorf;

– James Abraham Adams, 44 of Mechanicsville.

As phase two began, Donato Rivera Reyes, 33 of Lexington Park, began alerting potential “Johns” that the undercover officers were Police.

As Detectives approached Reyes he was advised he was under arrest and a struggle ensued. He was placed under arrest and charged with one count of hindering and one count of resisting arrest.

Another man, Anthony Lee Lindsay approached the undercover officers and began questioning them on who they were and shouting profanities.

Officers responded and told Lindsay to leave the area. He originally agreed and then stopped to yell and scream threats. It caused a disruption in the operation and vehicles and persons watched his disorderly actions. He was intoxicated and was placed under arrest.

Kevin Vincent Bonds pulled up on a bicycle and offered one of the undercover officers crack cocaine for $40. The undercover officer purchased the crack cocaine and Suspect Bonds was stopped on the bicycle by officers and resisted their arrest.

He attempted to flee but was apprehended and placed under arrest. Further check of the cocaine found it to be a fake.

Bonds was charged with distribution of a non controlled substance and resisting arrest.