Newburg, MD – A spokesman for Charles County’s volunteer fire departments has informed The BayNet that a fire that broke out around 7:15 p.m. at The Morgantown Power Plant was contained by crews and is now out.

According to spokesman Bill Smith, there were no injuries reported and the scene has been cleared.

Newburg, MD – Authorities in Charles County are reporting a fire at the Morgantown Power Plant. Sources report the fire is in a machine room. Reports indicate crews are attacking the fire with dry chemical extinguishers.

Units have advised that extended firefighting operations are needed due to a two-hour shut down procedure of equipment.

Three additional engines requested. Sources stated that authorities are also contacting Patuxent Naval Air Station and Andrews Air Force Base for additional dry chemical resources.

The fire is reported to be under a generator near hydrogen tanks and is very difficult to access. Sources stated interior crews are reporting very hot conditions and fire officials are rotating personnel frequently.

More as the story develops.

Initial report

Authorities in Charles County report a fire at a plant in Morgantown. Several crews are at the scene. More details to follow.