Lusby, MD – A special statement from Calvert County Public Schools and Patuxent High School was issued Saturday afternoon, April 13 following last night’s unfortunate accident during a play at the school.

“Patuxent High School would like to thank the community for the overwhelming support after three people were injured during a play last night.

During the performance of the Phantom of the Opera, a rolling set piece with the student playing the Phantom inside of it was pushed down the aisle, tipped over, and fell on two audience members. Emergency services were called. The student playing the Phantom and two audience members were transported to the local hospital and have since been released.

The set piece had been used in rehearsals since early March, and students were trained to move it over the course of several weeks. Last night, the structure was tested prior to the show, as all set pieces are inspected every night to ensure the safety of actors, techs, and the audience. As the techs were moving it into position, the structure became off balance and tilted forward. While the descent was slowed by another structure, the set piece injured two audience members, and the actor fell into the audience. The structure was then moved to a safe location on stage and inspected.

Paxnation sends good wishes for a speedy recovery to the audience members who were injured. Mrs. Bergen, principal, wants to thank the CCPS and PHS staff members who quickly jumped in to help. In response to the support, theater teacher Mr. Price said, “I have never felt greater love and connection to the community of Southern Maryland than I did last night.” Mr. Price, the staff, and students did an extraordinary job calmly responding to this incident.

The students are resilient and say the show must go on. Anyone who attended last night who would like to attend tonight’s 7 p.m. performance or Sunday’s 2 p.m. performance should bring their ticket or online ticket receipt to gain admittance.”

Lusby, MD – Units have been dispatched to Patuxent High School for the report of an accident involving a stage prop. There are reports from the scene of three people injured. The extent of those injuries is not known at this time.