PRINCE FREDERICK, Md — Although the Delta variant of COVID-19 has become more relevant, it has not stopped people from traveling because of the vaccine. However, one Calvert County family is now fighting COVID-19 after taking a trip to Ocean City.

On July 10, 2021, James Farrell and his family went on a vacation to Ocean City, and he plus 11 other members of his family later tested positive for COVID-19. Farrell believes they were exposed to COVID-19 while at a water park.

Farrell’s four grandchildren tested positive, and the two young adults in the family have tested positive. Although the young adults were unvaccinated, the younger generation of Farrell’s family did not suffer any serious symptoms.

The disease has ravaged the older generation. Six people in their party tested positive and four of them were fully vaccinated. Of the group of four, all of them included vaccines from the three current producers.

Even though they caught COVID-19, they still believe that being vaccinated saved their lives.

“I am not sure where I would be if we were not vaccinated. I know I am 60 years old, and I am still here,” Farrell said. “I will never know what would happen if I was not vaccinated, but I believe it helped.”

Farrell believes that his family caught the Delta variants because of how prevalent it has become. However, they still do not have their blood tests to confirm.

Overall, four of the 12 individuals in the family had serious symptoms. Two of the vaccinated four made a trip to the Calvert Hospital Emergency Room and received antibody treatment because of pneumonia.

Farrell and his family are gratefully recovering, and they stand by their decision to get vaccinated. They believe people should have a choice to get vaccinated, but James Farrell hopes everyone is mindful of the COVID-19 and its mutations.

“I am all for pro-choice, but whatever is going around right now seems to be way more transmissible,” Farrell said. “I would just tell people to be cognizant of it even though numbers are going down. I believe everyone should have a choice, but we need to make safe choices.”

James Farrell said the family hit hard times, but they are not looking for help. The family wants people to know from their personal experience that it is still dangerous for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals alike.

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