HYATTSVILLE, Md. — Business for a Prince George’s County plant-based meat company, Everything Legendary, has been thriving.

Since appearing on ABC-TV’s Shark Tank on Feb. 26th, the black-owned business has sold over $500k of their plant-based burgers within a week of the broadcast. Originating from Hyattsville, Maryland, Everything Legendary focuses all its efforts on making high-quality plant-based burgers that are worthy of mom’s approval. Their “original legend-mom” is the company’s motivation and influence.


CEO Duane “Myko” Cheers explained why he was inspired to work with plant-based ingredients.

“I first discovered the power of plant-based meats in middle school when I saw my mom switch her diet completely to being a vegan in efforts to battle her terminal illness, Lupus,” Cheers said. He went on to talk about his hopes of bringing the incredible taste of their burgers to everyone, saying that Shark Tank was the perfect way to fuel their start-up.

One of their mottos that they carry with them everywhere is “Fight to make Everything Legendary™. Because taste is everything.” 

On Shark Tank, the trio — Cheers, the flavor creator Chef Jumoke Jackson, and the strategizer President Danita Claytor — emphasized how important flavor is to crafting exceptional food, and their methods successfully captured the taste buds of Mark Cuban who invested $300k into the entrepreneurs.

Everything Legendary looks to revolutionize the way people think of burgers. With great flavor and the added positive of being healthy, these burgers are not only for vegans and vegetarians. They pride themselves on their burgers’ taste which was “created by a seasoned chef, not a lab technician.”


Hailing from HBCUs, Cheers and Claytor bring their experiences to the business world by creating a new, “edgy, urban vibe” that appeals to all types of individuals whether they are looking to help the environment, their own health, or support locally-owned black-businesses.

When asked what he would say to someone who is skeptical about a plant-based burger, Cheers simply replied, “This is the best burger in the world. It’s flavorful, juicy, and healthy.”

If you want to try these flavor-packed burgers for yourself, check to see if your local Giant, Safeway, or Acme are currently carrying their products, or go to their website:

All images courtesy of Everything Legendary – Legendary Burger


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