ALEXANDRIA, Va. — After announcing on July 13 that the Washington Redskins would be retiring their name, the process of seeking out a new one before the tentative start of the 2020 season has seen a few bumps in the road.

Or perhaps, potholes.

A 61-year-old Virginia-man, Philip Martin McCauley, could end up being what stands between the team’s most formidable new team name options. For years, McCauley has practiced what is known as “trademark squatting,” by going through the tedious and relatively low-cost process of registering trademarks with hopes that a larger organization might buy it off of them later. In an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch, McCauley said it started just as a “hobby.”

He filed a trademark for the Washington Warriors, one potential option that has appeared in discussions, back in July of 2015.


He also registered the trademarks for Washington Red Wolves, Washington Redtails, Washington Veterans, and Washington Monuments, among many others for a total of 44 claims to potential team names.

A handful of other people have since caught on, taking a claim to a variety of other potential names, hoping they may hold the winning name.

However, McCauley has gone the extra mile in his endeavors, knowing that he holds some of the most popular options that the team is looking at.

It is important to note that U.S. trademark law requires that the trademarks must be in use for the terms in question. That is why McCauley went to the extreme of setting up a relatively simple website to showcase some of the popular names that he owns,

A Washington Post reporter said on Twitter that the team couldn’t announce a new name on Monday due to the name being “tied up in a trademark fight.”



However, McCauley told the Times-Dispatch that he had offered the name Warriors to the team for free if it would accelerate the timing of the change. But after not hearing back, he rescinded his offer.

Now, knowing that people from higher places may be coming after his trademarks, he told the Times-Dispatch that he has plans for all of his team names.

Starting a flag football league, once the pandemic is finally over.

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