Housing Authority Board Member Daniel Raley is shown above after receiving his Certificate of Recognition from the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County


Leonardtown, MD – Tuesday, Jan. 10, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County hosted a reception and recognition ceremony for volunteer members of the various boards, committees and commissions who humbly serve St. Mary’s County. The first meeting in 2017 of the St. Mary’s County Board of Commissioners was the perfect occasion to say, “Thank you for your service” to the volunteers who help to make St. Mary’s County a better place to live and work.

The commissioners recognize the amount of dedication and talent goes into meeting the various objectives and goals of each supporting board, committee, and commission of St. Mary’s County by presenting certificates to each volunteer.

Housing Authority Board member Dan Raley said he enjoys serving his community. When asked why he became a volunteer, he said, “I believe everyone should be able to live in affordable housing.”

Commission on the Environment member Jacqueline Dyson told TheBayet.com “I Jackie Dysonlook forward to the work we will accomplish this year.”

Certificates of recognition were distributed to volunteers who were present. A complete list of honored volunteers for the various boards, committees and commissions can be found below:

Adult Public Guardianship Review Board
Judith Schauf, Kathleen Werner, Richard Lord, Sherry L. Pierce, Teresa Bahl, and Thomas Stokel

Agriculture, Seafood and Forestry Commission
Charles Webb, Colleen Corrigan, David Paulk, John Parlett, John Shenski, Joseph W. Wood, Michael Sirk, Patrick Russell, Phil Langley, Scott C. Bacon, and Stephen T. Reeves

Airport Advisory Committee
Brian L Schroeder, Bryan Barthelme Jr., Erik Anderson, Eric Pratson, Hal Willard, Jacque LaValle, Kazvin Olmeda, Luigi Giordano, Margaret Sawyer, Robert L. Pearce
Rusty Lowry, Ted Klapka, and Terry Adair

Board of Appeals
John Brown, Peter Egeli, Ronald Payne, Wayne Miedzinski, and William Greene

Board of Trustees Museum Division
Bryan Barthelme, Sr., Dale Springer, Eleanor F. Slater, Helen Dorsey
James Banagan, Lynn Fitrell, Michael Blackwell, Patricia Friend, Stephanie Waikart, Susan Erichsen, Susan Gough, and Victor Govier

Building Code Board of Appeals
Charles J. Bryson, Donald Haskin, James (Danny) Johnson, Stephen Wilson, and William Mehaffey

Commission for Women
Diane Danaher, Erin Walker, Jean-Marie Hansen, Jennifer Brown, Joanna Colvin, Karen Wathen, Kathleen Werner, Marta Kelsey, Mary Ludwig, and Melissa Farren
Norma Pipkin

Commission on Aging
Cindy Williams, Dale Taylor, Deborah Johnstone, Gail Murdock, Janet Kellam, Janice Bonham, Juanita Nether, Linda Fry, Margaret C. Forrest, Norma Pipkin, Nicky Pires
Penny Brown, and Philip Holzbauer

Commission on People with Disabilities
Kristi Getson, Andrea Butler, Ben Smith, Bonnie Elward, David Ryan, Elizabeth M. Snyder, Eric Colvin, and Sheryl St. Clair

Commission on the Environment
George Thompson, Gordon Smith, Jacqueline Dyson, Kimberle Egbert, Mark Burroughs, and Thomas Brewer

Compensation Review Commission
Bernadette Shannon, Joe St. Clair, Michael P. Boyle, Pat Dolan, and Joseph I. Russell

Economic Development Commission
Carlos Bravo, Daniel Carney, James Raley, Laura Clarke, Phil Langley, Philip Dorsey, Richard Braam, Tom Sanders, Tom Watts, Tracy Harris, and Wynne Briscoe

Electrical Examiners Board
Donald Haskin, James (Danny) Johnson, Robert Spence, Ron Derby, and Rudoloph Worch

Ethics Commission
Daniel Carney, David Willenborg, John Minichino, III, John Austerman, Joseph I Russell, Lawrence Crabtree, Jean-Marie Hansen, and Sean Rogers

Historic Preservation Commission
Eve Love, Kent Randall, Linda Reno, Patricia Samford, Peter Himmelheber, Robert Gibbs, Sean M. Wickers, and Teresa Wilson

Housing Authority Board
Agnes Butler, Daniel Raley, Darlene Johnson, Joshua Brewster, Michelle Armsworthy, Michelle Camaioni, and Tina Dean

Human Relations Commission
Agnes Butler, Bernadette Shannon, Deborah Dennie, Gary Younger, Jesus Godinez, Joanna Colvin, Joshua Brewster, Mary Fearns, Sarah Tyson, Vante Burkes, and Wayne Lockely

Length of Service Award Program
Mary Ann Murray

Library Board of Trustees
Carol Romary, Carolyn Beth Roth, Carolyn Guy, James Hanley, Janice Walthour, Joan Springer, Lynn Newkirk, and Sandra Hauenstein

Metropolitan CommissionBarthleme, Mummaugh
Alice Gaskins, Bryan Barthelme, Sr., Charles Pessagno, George Thompson, John J. Carey, Mike Mummaugh, Robert Russell, and Steve Willing

Planning Commission
Christopher C. Guy, Hal Willard, James Thompson, Joseph L. Van Kirk, Martin Siebert, Patricia Robrecht, and Shelby Guazzo

Plumbing Gas Fuel Board
Charles Downs, Daniel Garrison, and Richard Montgomery

Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board
John Raley, Joseph Gardner, Karin Bailey, and Kenneth R Robeson, Jr.

Recreation and Parks Board
Caroline King, Douglas Bellis, Floyd Warren, Fred J. Parker, Jake Heibel, Patrick Murphy, Richard Buckler and Thomas Nelson

Retiree Benefit Trust of St. Mary’s County
Mary Ann Murray

Sheriff’s Office Retirement Plan Board
Edward Evans, Terry Black, and Tracy Harris

Social Services Board
Annette Wood, Ella Somerville, Joan Gelrud, Leisha Wood, Lynn Fitrell, Michael Blackwell, Richard Buckler, Rose Frederick, Susie Fowler, and Wanda Brown

Transportation Advisory Committee
Brian L. Schroeder, James Andreacci, Karen Gardner, Lemuel Proctor, Nick A. Moats, and Scott C. Anderson

Tri-County Animal Shelter Advisory Board
Diane Harris, Donna Poudrier, and Sally J. Browne

Wicomico Shores Golf Course Advisory Board
David Phalen, Gerald Slagle, Jennifer Russell, Peter Delman, Richard Buckler, Robert Collier, and Robert Richardson

*Some photographs are courtesy of St. Mary’s County Government

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