The original Walter Reed hospital first opened its doors in 1909. It was named for Major Reed after he passed away, by his friend Major William C. Borden, who had pushed for the formation of a new hospital to replace the old one at Washington Barracks, now Fort McNair.

These two were credited with discovering yellow fever was being transmitted by mosquitoes. The Naval Medical Center first broke ground in Bethesda Maryland in 1939. It was designed to be a medical hospital, medical library, research center and provide medical training.

Over years of growth, relocation and eventual closings, it was eventually determined to combine the two facilities. Again they set the bar higher than ever for treating our nation’s heroes.

Together they have treated hundreds of thousands of military personnel.

Receiving an invite to visit the nurses, doctors and patients at such a prestigious facility was a true honor and a privilege Foundation 4 Heroes accepted enthusiastically.

So right after the USO Christmas Party for the Wounded Warriors, the nonprofit organization, best-known for inspiring children at schools and in hospitals, took a step toward a new dimension to their mission.

Inspirational heroes at a young age have evolved to including the brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and to their family. The Veterans of our nation deserve to be recognized, encouraged, supported and thanked; because they are real heroes.

Twelve volunteers from Foundation 4 Heroes attended this amazing event. Some closed their offices, and many took a personal day to be a part of something special.

Decked out in Superhero costumes, carrying comics donated by IDW Publishing and superhero capes and masks, F4H invaded the hospital. They received a super-warm reception and moved through the hospital with their escort and contact Stacee.

Room after room, child after child, hero after hero; the volunteers made their way through the enormous hospital leaving no room unvisited. In fact, their very own volunteer Nickie, aka Supergirl, received a visit from them after she came out of anesthesia from a procedure she had performed there.

The next day Stacee contacted F4Heroes about their visit. She was still overwhelmed and filled with joy after having witnessed the reactions and responses from staff and patients alike. She invited them back anytime and plans are in the works.

Next Friday, Exelon and F4Heroes join forces to make a difference by traveling to John’s Hopkins and giving out pajamas and books to the children. You can make a donation at Tantaztic, in the Wildewood Shopping Center, at Exelon and at Back At Your Best Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, now located at the Anderson Building just after the Wawa at the Route 235 and Route 4 intersection.

Follow their journey on Facebook at Foundation 4 Heroes.