LANDOVER, Md. — The Washington Football Team is out seeking a location for a new stadium, and a recent report ahead of the team’s rebranding launch indicates that the team may be looking across the Potomac River.

The Washington Post recently reported that representatives from the team had started to lobby legislators in Richmond to put forth legislation that would move along plans to build a new domed arena in Northern Virginia. The reports suggest that the team may be honing in on Loudon or Prince William’s County for a potential site.

However, the move is also expected to bring expanded commercial ventures and entertainment complexes to the surrounding area.

With any new stadium, a large price tag has followed. As Front Office Sports reports, a new stadium might have a prospective price tag of over $2 billion, based on recent history. Some other notable NFL stadiums have cost anywhere from $1 billion to over $5 billion.

Any legislation introduced to the Virginia General Assembly would come during the 60-day legislative session beginning in January 2022.

Even though the location has not been finalized and the team is expected to explore options across the DMV, the process will likely include many other hoops to jump through.

Not to mention the Washington Football Team has a contract to play at FedEx Field through 2027.

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  1. What?
    Leave P.G. County? Much less, leave the ‘Fee State’?
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Goodbye to the Burgundy & Gold of the ‘Politically Woken’ team.

  2. Bottom line: The new “skins” are NOT worth a new stadium!
    The only reason why the “Washington Commanders” are going to be called that is because they are OFTEN commanders of last place in the NFC east!
    The latest NFL commercial is now FULLY propaganda. Not only are the stadiums filling up again, but the NFL is now lying about how most blacks are really proud of our military and support them! As we ALL know, THAT IS A STINKING LIE!!! Just ask Colin KaeperDick.
    Baynet: Could this site be any SLOWER??!!!! It takes 5-10 seconds just to load a page! FIX THAT!!!!

    1. I honestly can’t believe that people still watch football anymore, let alone, the Redskins.

      But then again, there are about 5 million stupid people in this state so it doesn’t really surprise me.

      Since they’ve done away with up and down voting, probably due to some thin skinned progressive on here that couldn’t handle conservatives being right, I give you and Baud an upvote for your comments.

  3. The problem, AS USUAL, always starts with the parents and continues with the schools! If they’d teach their kids patriotism, we wouldn’t have the KaeperDick types in America. Teaching equity and equality only brings America down to a 3rd world level. We’ve had standards ever since I can remember and, everyone wanting certain jobs or higher academic status, had to meet those standards or choose another line of work! Now we simply lower our standards which only brings America down to 3rd world levels (Thanks democrats)!!!
    Remember how many of the NFL players wanted to have pro police, Tebow’s moment of prayer kneeling, John 3:16, helmet stickers for honoring police officers, etc, and the NFL wouldn’t allow them? Now look at their racist garb. They’re all wearing BLM, equity, racial justice hats and the back of the end zone has now become a banner for their racist ads. And now, it’s perfectly OK for the players to do their sexual pelvis thrusting and tribal war dances w/o penalty! You haven’t seen any “excessive celebrating” penalties lately, have you?
    The best one I’ve seen out there was: WFT; WTF?!!! Yes Washington, you should be called the “Commanders” since you mostly COMMAND last place in the NFC east…

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