Jeff Walker, Acting Executive Director of Administration, for Calvert County Public Schools issued the following statement Tuesday to parents with students at Calvert High School.

CHS Families,
Today we received results from the most recent water samples that were taken from the well that serves Calvert High School and Calvert Career Center. The lab reported that these water samples tested positive for bacteria. Although, the water system was shocked on Saturday, it was not enough to address the germs on the new pipes and pump that were installed.
Upon receipt of this information, CCPS employees were immediately in contact with the health department and the water system was treated again this afternoon. We hope to be able to obtain water samples on Wednesday with test results anticipated by Thursday afternoon.
Hand sanitizers are available in all restrooms, classrooms, and office areas throughout the building.
Ms. Johnson (Calvert High School Principal) communicated the following plan to her staff this afternoon:
We will continue to:
•        Allow students to drink other products in classrooms.
•        Allow students to carry drinks in the hallways.
•        Keep emergency water in the classrooms.
•        Place additional cups in teacher mailboxes each day.
•        Allow students to use the hand sanitizer that was placed in classrooms.
•        Prohibit use of ice machines.
While we understand the inconvenience that this causes, steps are in place to maintain a safe environment for all staff and students, and classroom instruction can continue.
Should you have questions, Ms. Johnson is available at 410-535-7330 to discuss the situation with you. You may also contact me if you require additional information.

Jeff Walker, Acting Executive Director of Administration,  410-535-7296