Leonardtown, MD— On March.23, Maryland State Police Trooper David Coppedge responded to Deerfield Road in Leonardtown, MD for a burglary reportedly in progress. 

On the way to the address, Coppedge was provided information from the St. Mary’s County Emergency Communication Center, who identified the defendant as Katelynn M. Tucker, 18 of Leonardtown. 

Coppedge asked Tucker and a co-defendant, “where they were coming from. They said Deerfield Road and they were trying to pick up their mail,” according to charging documents. 

Coppedge also asked Tucker and the co-defendant if at any point were they on anyone’s property. Both females denied being on anyone’s property. Trooper Ruth and Trooper Scarlett of the Maryland State Police made contact with the original complainant, who advised, “she was returning home from work when she witnessed two subjects kicking on the door and pushing on the door attempting to gain entry,” according to charging documents. 

The complainant advised she knew no one should be at that home due to, “the homeowner’s father recently passing and she does not live in the county,” according to charging documents. 

While Ruth was investigating the burglary, she discovered another neighbor’s property had been tampered. Ruth also asked the defendants about the boats that were vandalized.

The defendants stated they were standing on the porch because they were running from a dog. Tucker advised, “they were only trying to get in the house because they were scared of the dog and they were just sitting in the two boats,” according to charging documents. 

The door to the residence had multiple black scuffs and dents that were consistent with someone attempting to break into a house. 

Tiffany Rose Tucker was charged with malicious destruction of property less than $1,000 and fourth-degree burglary dwelling. Coppedge transported Tucker to the St.Mary’s County Detention Center, and she was charged accordingly. 

At this time, Tucker does not have scheduled a court date. Tucker faces a maximum jail sentence of three years and two months and/or a maximum fine of $500. 

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