YoKool Frozen Yogurt first opened their doors 3 years ago in the Wildewood Shopping Center. Recently it has been purchased and the owners have introduced some new ideas that are making it better than ever.

Ron & Crystal Khan acquired all of the YoKool Frozen Yogurt franchises in early 2015 and penned an exclusive partnership with Trickling Springs Organic Creamery. They believe philanthropy and business are intertwined. No surprise that they both possess this philosophy, because they both came from families of highly ethical and innovative leaders.  Offering a healthier treat was naturally a great idea.

They swept the nation by storm by becoming the first ever self-serve, frozen yogurt company in the country to incorporate a complete line of organic and gluten free offerings. Many people have found that eliminating gluten in their diet has helped their intestinal issues and also some lost weight.  YoKool is currently the fastest growing yogurt shop franchise in Maryland.

Says Mr. Khan, “With more locations expected to open next year, YoKool Frozen Yogurt is proof that everyone has room for healthy alternatives in their lives. We have people from New York to California State calling us trying to find out when we are opening in their state.”

If you are concerned about hormones and antibiotics being fed to the cattle that produce milk for your family, then try their selection of treats that are made with whole milk from Non-GMO, grass-fed cows, which is gluten-free and contains live active cultures. A healthy and smart choice.

The Khans have also changed the look of Yo Kool! Their is a window bar with comfy bar stools, 20ft comfy couch, an Ipad for any ones use! Best of all they are extending our candy selection with new self-serve candy dispensers. Don’t forget there is ample seating located outside under their roof and some open to the skies.

YoKool Frozen Yogurt is a self-serve frozen yogurt (fro-yo) bar where customers fill their cups with their favorite fro-yo flavors, and then add the toppings of their choice. YoKool Frozen Yogurt offers its customers a wide range of topping options including fresh fruit, granola, nuts, sauces, candies and crushed cookies. With both the frozen yogurt and the toppings, customers have total control over their portions.

At YoKool Frozen Yogurt, customers call the shots and are able to create their own ultimate frozen dessert, suited to their individual taste and appetite. With a variety of fro-yo flavors like: Pink Lemonade Sorbet, Bourbon Vanilla and Organic Chocolate Cheesecake; plus an extensive menu of toppings, customers can enjoy countless flavor combinations.

Skinny and Not-So-Skinny Smoothies are also available at YoKool Frozen Yogurt’s full-service smoothie bar. YoKool Frozen Yogurt does not use any fillers such as ice or water in their smoothies, so customers can be sure that YoKool Frozen Yogurt Smoothies will curb their appetite. A variety of boosters are available to enhance the already robust nutritional content of the smoothies.

Since its inception, YoKool Frozen Yogurt has grown to accommodate many aspects of nutrition with an optimistic view of the future. In 2015 the Khans announced another first with the addition of gourmet gluten-free baked goods, sandwiches, salads and 25 NEW exclusive Hot ‘Haute’ Beverages  to the menu along with 85 exclusive healthy smoothie offerings.

Full of passion and always with an eye toward growth and improvement, Ron & Crystal is looking to yet another first in the near future. They are currently working with a natural vitamin supplement company to develop whole foods organic multi-vitamin supplements using nutrient dense exotic super fruits, veggies and plants delivering the full spectrum of bio-active phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in all their synergistic glory to be added to YoKool Frozen Yogurt smoothies and shakes, to be available at all Yokool Yogurt shops coming very soon!!!.

These will be formulated separately for men, women and children. So Energize, build, and protect your WHOLE system the way Mother Nature intended with you and YoKool so come on in today!!!!

Ron continues the family tradition of philanthropy in the community in other ways as well. The Khans was awarded a plaque by St Mary’s American Litttle League for their support. Crystal extends her philosophy to YoKool Frozen Yogurt daily operations where she incorporates her passion for healthy living together with her generosity. Frequently, local scouts and children’s groups take field trips to the YoKool Frozen Yogurt shop, where they enjoy free samples of the nutritious yet tasty fare while listening to an educational talk on healthy nutrition choices.

With a firm foundation in healthy living and community philanthropy, the public can continue to look to the Khans and Yokool Frozen Yogurt for exciting innovative developments in the future and a super Kool treat year round.

Sounds like they should have renamed the place Way-Kool, but YoKool is definitely taking the leadership role in providing some healthier alternatives to your sweet tooth, and soon, for keeping you healthy and energized, naturally.

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