Charles County, MD — Officers from Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert Counties teamed up for a joint enforcement effort called as part of the “Buckle Up, Phone Down” program.

The program, as implied by the name encourages drivers to fasten their seat belts and put down their phones while driving.

Officers conducted border-to-border operations to observe violations at the county lines, issuing 571 citations and 99 warnings.

Of the citations, 268 were for distracted driving, 189 were for drivers not wearing their seat belts, 15 were for passengers not wearing seat belts, five were for passengers under 16 not wearing seat belts, and 94 were for other miscellaneous violations.

“It is crucial that we remind motorists to wear their seat belts and keep their eyes on the road,” said Captain Bobby Kiesel, Commander of the Special Operations Division. “Accidents due to distracted driving are preventable, and seat belts save lives. It’s not about writing tickets; it’s about keeping our roadways safe.”