LUSBY, Md. With Zach Crounse’s state title win at Northern High School, all three of the Crounse brothers have appeared in a state championship game. Although their dad, Steve Crounse, a legendary football coach in Calvert County had briefly stepped away from coaching, he guided his three sons to football excellence.

And now he is preparing to return to where he started in Southern Maryland with his son Tyler.

The Crounse football dynasty began when Steve started his coaching career in Pennsylvania at Delaware Valley High School in 1994. Crounse’s sons Tyler and Reese were born in Pennsylvania, but they spent most of their years growing up in Maryland after their father started his head coaching career in 2002 at Patuxent High School.

Since Steve spent a lot of his time coaching, his sons grew up in the game of football. The game left an imprint on the boys because it was their childhood.

“The thing about the boys is that they grew up in football. They grew up in locker rooms. They grew up in the practice fields. They idolized all those guys they watched as little kids,” Steve told

Eventually, it led his boys down the path of playing football. Tyler became his quarterback in 2012, and they went to the state championship in 2013 but lost.

Reese followed up by becoming his father’s quarterback in 2015, which was the same year they won the state championship. Then, the team made it to the regional championship in 2016. After many years serving as head coach Patuxent, Steve decided to move to Northern the following year, where his sons followed him.

Reese then led Northern to a regional appearance, and he got the school record for fifth-most passing yards in a season. As for the youngest son, Zach, who is five years younger than Reese, he has been in Northern since middle school. By the time he became a freshman in high school, they pushed him into becoming a quarterback for varsity midseason.

Zach won only two playoff games during his freshman and sophomore years as a varsity quarterback. Then, Zach’s junior season was taken away because of the pandemic. Zach had followed his father to DeMatha High School.

With that time, Zach decided Northern was home for him. He ended up coming back for his senior year and winning a championship.

“After that year, he asked me if it would be ok to come back home and play with his friends. Then, he did and ended up winning a state championship. He broke Reese’s passing record at the school,” Steve said.

For each of the Crounse boys, they seized their opportunity to play out their childhood dreams. They wanted to make everyone proud of them. With each son, the lineage grew stronger.

“When they got their opportunity, they were very committed and serious about representing their parents, our family, their schools, and themselves. They had each other too. They were all on the sidelines for each other,” Steve Crounse said.

Coach Crounse has now announced his return to Patuxent High School as head coach, and he will have his son, Tyler, as his offensive coordinator. He said he looks forward to working with the young kids and building the program back to glory.

Additionally, there are not anymore Crounse’s down the pipeline for football. However, he has a daughter who will play field hockey. Steve Crounse said that their kids do not have to be football players, but they want them to learn the skills behind athletics, like working with a team.

Although they do not have anyone actively on the field, the Crounse family story will not end soon.

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