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CALIFORNIA, Md. – In a recent episode of the podcast “Get Real with Chris & Mark,” host JJ Atchison filled in for Chris Hill as he and co-host Mark Frisco explored the world of yoga at Evolve Yoga + Wellness, located in California, Maryland. This unique episode gave listeners an immersive experience as they engaged in yoga and discussed the many aspects of this ancient practice.

The hosts and their guest, Sidorowicz, who owns the studio, embarked on a journey to explore the physical aspects of yoga and its spiritual and holistic dimensions.

Sidorowicz shed light on the studio’s history and offerings. She explained that Evolve had served the Southern Maryland community for over 13 years and offered a wide range of classes, including yoga, barre, meditation, and wellness workshops. 

For Sidorowicz, yoga was not just a physical practice but a form of self-care that allows individuals to find tranquility amid life’s chaos. She emphasized that yoga offers tools that extend beyond the mat, helping individuals manage stress and anxiety in their daily lives.

In her own words, “The world is crazy busy. My life is crazy busy, and it’s always been a place where you can just roll out your mat. You don’t even need a mat, and you can just take some time to breathe and just feel better about the chaos that’s maybe around you.”

Atchison inquired about the spiritual aspects of yoga, and Sidorowicz explained that Evolve incorporates spirituality into its offerings. They hold special events like full moon yoga, meditation classes, and even yoga teacher training to spread the benefits of yoga within the community. Sidorowicz added, “It’s a great way to get in touch with not only yourself and the yoga community here but also the moon, obviously, is an important role in all our lives.” 

Frisco, curious about the costs involved, asked about the affordability of yoga at Evolve. Sidorowicz clarified that their pricing options are flexible, catering to various budgets. They offered new clients a special two-week package to explore different classes and find the right fit. Monthly memberships are also available, making yoga accessible to everyone. “We offer a variety of options. You can really do a whole lot of different things,” Sidorowicz explained. 

The hosts were pleasantly surprised to learn that Evolve welcomes a diverse demographic, including men. Kelley emphasized that men do not need to feel apprehensive, as they have a wide range of classes suitable for all. Atchison expressed this sentiment, saying, “So none of the guys have to be afraid that when they come here they’re going to be the only guy.”

The episode took an interactive turn as Sidorowicz led Frisco and Atchison through a brief yoga session, starting with a sun salutation. The hosts shared their experience, expressing how good it felt to stretch and relax. 

Sidorowicz also addressed common concerns, such as discomfort in poses and the challenge of kneeling. She reassured listeners that the studio used comfortable, anti-bacterial mats and accommodated those with sensitive knees. “We have this nice cushy floor. They’re anti-bacterial, and we do wash them after every single class,” said Sidorowicz.

As the episode concluded, the hosts thanked Sidorowicz for enlightening them about yoga and the offerings at Evolve Yoga Studio. 

If you’re in the California, Maryland area and looking to explore the world of yoga, Evolve offers a welcoming and diverse environment with options for practitioners of all levels. For more information, visit their website or stop by for a class to experience the benefits of yoga firsthand.

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