A Look Inside Southern Maryland’s Only Rugby Team
Credit: Pax River Rugby

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – Since 1990, The Patuxent River Rugby Club has been Southern Maryland’s only Rugby team. The team is a part of the D4 Mid Atlantic Cup, of which there are currently seven teams in the division, which is composed of teams all across the DMV.

There are 15 players per team on the field, with roughly seven to eight players on the bench. The men’s squad has an age range of 18 to 65, with their competitive team’s age range listing from 20 to 45 years old.

The club also offers youth teams too, with U7’s up to U16’s. The U16’s and U12’s recently won state championships last year.

“Rugby is a sport for everyone. As we are an amateur team, there aren’t any tryouts but we typically have a core group of players who have been playing a while, and as we are in close proximity to Patuxent Naval Base, we do have a lot of military guys on the team,” Ryan Davies, the Club’s Social Media Officer and one of the players, told TheBayNet.com. “During Pre-season training and throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities for new players to learn the sport, and often will excel at a particular area of the game. They may come into the sport from another sport, and already have a base skillset or be completely new but pick up the sport very well. We will often pick our best squad based on who is available for the game. This shouldn’t discourage an individual from coming out to practice however, as there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to make the starting 15 and the bench. Injuries happen, people are out of town for a game, life happens and as a club we understand that entirely.”

During the season, which pretty much can be played anytime of the year, the club will face each team in their division at least once. The most recent season saw the team play a total of six games, including a pre-season friendly in August, and two friendlies in March, prior to the start of playoffs. The team also competes in multiple tournaments as well around the area.

“I personally Love rugby, because being from Wales, it is my national sport. The sport you start playing when you are young,” explained Davies. “Rugby is literally a sport for everyone, all shapes, all sizes, and abilities. Rugby is the best team sport in the world. It encompasses the best of each sport and puts it all into one, it’s fast, it’s physical, it requires endurance, it is entertaining, and best of all it builds incredible camaraderie between you and your team.”

“When I moved to America nearly five years ago, I missed the social aspect of rugby back home in Wales. When I discovered Pax Rugby, that changed. The guys are fantastic, the team is fantastic, the atmosphere, the environment. If you miss team sports, or you want to get involved in a team sport with a great group, I would highly recommend checking out Pax Rugby. Thanks to our recent sponsors we have new jerseys / kit and I am sure you will look fantastic wearing it, so come on out and get involved! You won’t regret it.”

This weekend, Pax River Rugby will be playing during the Southern Maryland Celtic Festival, so if anyone is interested, the team highly recommends you go and check it out.

To learn more about the club and how you can join, visit their website here, teams. You can also find them on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube @paxrugby.

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