abner brothers
Brandon James Abner, 19

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. – On April 30, Calvert County Sheriff’s Officers arrested John Colin Abner, 24, Brandon James Abner, 19, and Frederick Robert Abner II, 32, whose family owns Abner’s Crab House and A & A Gaming, on multiple firearm and drug charges.

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Special Operation Team (CCSO SOT) had been surveiling Brandon before executing a search and seizure warrant of his vehicle and later his residence. Deputies from the sheriff’s office found over 700 grams of suspected marijuana plus quantities of suspected cocaine and LSD.

Several loaded weapons, including three “ghost guns,” were found in the residence, along with ammunition, three digital scales, cash, and three cell phones.

Ghost guns are firearms that are privately assembled and untraceable. Drug dealers will generally use these guns because they do not have a serial number and are typically unregistered.

Investigators believe Brandon Abner, John Robert Abner’s son, was allegedly selling marijuana, according to court documents. Investigators found 706.7 grams of marijuana, digital scales with suspected marijuana and cocaine residue, and a plastic ziplock bow with $330 dollars.

John Colin Abner, 24.

Meanwhile, Colin was identified by investigators as a marijuana user who was distributing Lysergic acid diethylamide(LSD), according to court documents. Investigators reached this conclusion after finding 96.6 grams of marijuana and seven tabs of suspected LSD in his room in the house. They also found a digital scale and many zip lock baggies with the corner ripped off, according to court documents.

Frederick Robert Abner II, 32

Not long after the police arrived at the residence, Frederick Robert Abner II, arrived and was advised by deputies to leave. Frederick would be arrested soon after making a scene in the front yard, and would be charged with obstructing an investigation and failure to obey law enforcement.

John Robert Abner, who was not arrested. (File Photo)

Additionally, CCSO members searched and secured the only occupant of the 2nd Street residence in Chesapeake Beach, John Robert Abner. 

John Abner was identified as a cocaine user, but he is not a part of his sons’ alleged illegal distributing activities, according to court documents. John Abner was able to point deputies to 5.1 grams of suspected cocaine in his nightstand that he had reportedly purchased near Abner’s Crab House.

Colin Abner was charged with possession of drugs with intent to distribute and two counts, each of possession of a rifle with a felony conviction, possession of a firearm with a felony conviction, drugs/firearms possession, and committing a firearm/drug trafficking crime. 

Last Monday, his bond was set at $25,000.

Brandon Abner was charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, two counts of committing a firearm/drug trafficking crime, and three charges of firearm possession with a felony conviction.

His bond was set at $50,000, and a preliminary hearing on the charges is scheduled for May 31.

Frederick Robert Abner II had his bond set at $2,500 for his aforementioned charges.

A spokesperson for the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office says the investigation is still on-going. We will continue to provide additional details as they are made available.

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    1. They actually voted for biden, they still have biden signs on the property and they support the free crack pipe give away that you also voted for…

      1. Stop with all these crazy comments, Abners is a large family – the actions of a few should not be reflected on all of the family or businesses! Mr Abner works very hard and does not agree with the mistakes some of his children or grandchildren make. Their actions should not be a reflect on Mr Abners and the rest of his family including the businesses he operates – please stop making negative comments

        1. The father is not an owner of any of the businesses and the grandfather has no knowledge of any of his grandchildren or children activities and in no way would ever approve. Mr Abner has always worked hard and it’s not fair for people to imply that either he or any of his businesses are connected in anyway.

      2. Lol. 😂 😂 AS IF Sheriff Evans isn’t a conservative ripped right from the book of TRUMPS CORRUPTION and DESPOT RULE. CALVERT COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT IS THE MODERN DAY GESTAPO….

    2. “Stmaries”??? Look at all of the ignorance in just your name and your comment! You should get off of this forum and go back to your grammar school to get your money back.
      I’m guessing Maybe it should be St. Mary’s?
      And, FYI, they’re an all Biden voter family. Trump supporters don’t need drugs to live and cope with life. Only you Biden voters do because you can’t handle reality. I can’t wait to see your heads explode again in November and in 2024 when the real President returns…

  1. A family of losers. Obviously, they’re too lazy to work at the family business. Either that or Abners wasn’t making enough money to support these eating machines.

    1. You must be one of their friends trying to cover up for him..lol there’s no luck bud. Better start saving money for they books because it’s a wrap..and I ain’t talking about chipotle…lol

  2. Help me out here .. was it the 19 y/o or 24 y/o that started the fire back in 2010 or 11 at the restaurant ? or not one of them,,

    1. Sounds like crooked lawyers and some more people in the criminal justice system are working together. The whole family will walk and pad their income tax claims to get reimbursed for the money shelled out to lawyers and to cover the seized drugs. Never a level playing field when dealing with crooks of this nature, even had multiple ghost guns which I’m sure was already used in crimes. No bond should had been established across the board on these thugs.

  3. Lots of details here, looks like the sheriff wasn’t a fan of the family to release a booking photo of someone who was merely detained.

    1. The article was written by “Baynet Staff”.
      Does not appear to be a (Police brief) article .
      In regard to John Robert Abner , was likely not a target of the investigation ,,, was likely asked if there was any other drugs in the home ,,hence he volunteered knowledge of his drugs in the home ,,,hence the reason why he was not arrested ,,there are some applications of the law being done here ..
      I ponder the legal reason for posting his photo here.
      In regard to John Robert ,a fisherman/crabber ,whom we should expect to know fishing regulations has had numerous cases of breaking the law where DNR is involved…and then we must think of all the cases of breaking the law were he was not caught ….a responsible fisherman he is not …

  4. It’s worth noting that the ATF not long ago changed what defines a “ghost gun”.

    The original definition was that which was quoted in the article, a homemade firearm without a serial number.

    Now, the ATF defines a “ghost gun” as any firearm without a serial number – this includes a stolen commercial firearm which has had the serial number illegally removed.

    Granted, these three area idiots, and clearly could not legally possess firearms. But if you were like me and wondering why suddenly seemingly every firearm recovered by the police lately as been a ghost gun, that’s why.

    1. “It’s worth noting that the ATF not long ago changed what defines a “ghost gun”.
      So the Feds now adopt the liberal media’s 2012 scary term into the English language? ATF doesn’t like ‘stolen gun’ because it shows they CAN’T or WON’T do their job to begin with, without breaking the law.

  5. Funny how they aren’t being called thugs or ingrates lol I wonder why?! I wonder how long they were running their drug and gun business. A complete waste of space

  6. Been selling drugs and guns out of Abners for so long I were wondering if Calvert cops even cared. Like they literally park out front and don’t know anything. Finally!!

  7. Just ask Craig Contra? Keith Hicks? Dave McDowell?

    They all know and turn a blind eye

    Think before you vote >>>>>

  8. Like millions of other families in this country the Abner’s have issues. And while it appears that these men are guilty, they are entitled to their day in court and the presumption of innocence. Unlike us commenters, the sheriff’s office needs facts and reasonable cause before they arrest someone or try and convict them. It takes time to build a case, unlike what it takes to make accusations about the sheriffs office ignoring drug dealing at Abner’s or any other location. When they finally have their day in court or they accept a plea bargain, or the case is dismissed or the State’s Attorney declines to prosecute, all of which happen every day in our legal system, regardless of the outcome there will be people on this site claiming that the “fix” was in and others claiming that they were railroaded by a corrupt judicial system. Let the system work and if the state can prove their case to a jury of these men’s peers these men will be found guilty and suffer the consequences of their actions. If not, they will go free. That’s how it works.

  9. So I could get my crabs Bud all in one stop and LSD if I want to trip that’s f****** cool

    1. Ignorant Biden supporters. Do you think for yourself or does mommy still have to wipe for you??

  10. The marijuana is not so bad. LSD can (on rare occasions) cause permanent mental illness.

    Ghost guns are real bad. Why do you need an untraceable gun?!! Only to shoot someone and not get caught…

  11. It’s apparent that the local DA’s and law enforcement are vying for position since elections are right around the corner. With ROSCOE P. COLTRANE, Sheriff Evans, policing Calvert Countians and folks just driving through it would be like a trip to another world without him…

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