UPDATE – 11/15/21 – The Office of the State Fire Marshal conducted an investigation and determined the fire originated in an open area of the structure, caused by the improper fueling of a kerosene space heater. The building was occupied by a single occupant. The total structure loss is estimated at $100,000.00 and contents of $5,000.00.

MECHANICSVILLE, Md. — We are receiving reports this evening of a large fire at a single-story building that has brought in a large fire department presence.


At approximately 9:30 p.m. on November 12, first responders were called to the scene of 26511 Loveville Road for the reported fire.

Soon after responding, crews discovered a large amount of smoke coming out of the building and flames showing throughout.

Soon after work began on the fire, evacuation tones were sounded as the roof could potentially collapse. No people were trapped inside the building at the time of the fire.

A water supply fill site with approximately 6,000 gallons of water was established nearby at Fowler Industrial Park on Three Notch Road. “We have a good water supply here now,” one first responder could be heard saying at the scene prior to getting the fire under control.

SMECO has been called and are on the scene at this time. Power has been cut to the structure at this time. It is unclear if there was a meter on the building that was operational.

The fire has since been brought under control and there are reported to be no injuries at this time. It is unclear at this time if the building was occupied or vacant.

The fire is expected to be under investigation for an extended period of time by the Fire Marshal. Some fire department units are remaining on the scene to make sure the scene remains secured. Avoid the area if possible.

This is a developing story. We will continue to provide additional details as they come available.