Hollywood, MD – The St. Mary’s County Airport Rules special meeting will now take place during the Airport Advisory Board’s normal January meeting Jan. 28 at 6 p.m. at the Airport Terminal Building. The Airport Advisory Board’s (AAB) postponed its planned Jan.14 special meeting on the rules documents due to the weather closure of the county government. 

The AAB was copied on most of the public comment emails provided to the St. Mary’s County Commissioners. 

The AAB appreciates that public comment, and intends to provide a briefing to the public showing where they intend to offer changes to improve the Rules documents based on that public feedback.  The AAB will be attentive to feedback received at the 28 January meeting delivered in person, or any further feedback received by Tuesday 29 Jan at AAC2W6@Outlook.com.

The AAB strongly encourages public attendance at the Jan. 28 meeting. John Deatrick, the county director of Public Works and Transportation, and Allison Swint, the County Airport manager will be in attendance.