A winning woman from Annapolis brought her husband and an interpreter to Maryland Lottery headquarters last week when she claimed a $100,000 top prize on a Ravens scratch-off. She and her husband are not fully versed in English but they do speak fluent football — especially when it comes to Baltimore Ravens football.

The two regularly buy Ravens instant tickets, sticking primarily to that game while occasionally buying Mega Millions tickets. Generally, they scratch the latex off the instant tickets together to entertain themselves. They found a recent scratch-off session especially entertaining after they bought a lucky $10 Ravens instant ticket at Pantry 1 Food Mart in Annapolis!

When they claimed the prize on November 15, 2019 the Anne Arundel County husband and wife were still excited about their win and looking forward to the Ravens’ Nov. 17 home game against the Houston Texans. They hadn’t given any thought as to how they would spend the windfall or even how they would celebrate. The Ravens fans said they might get tickets to an upcoming Ravens game if they can coordinate their work schedules. The winners were sure of two things, however. They will root for the Ravens and continue to buy Ravens scratch-offs.

Pantry 1 Food Mart also has reason to celebrate. For selling a top-prize winning ticket, the store located at 1090 Spa Road earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery, which is equal to 1 percent of the prize.

Looking for your Ravens scratch-off win? The $10 Ravens instant ticket is still packed with prizes, including seven more $100,000 top prizes, 20 prizes at the $10,000 level and more than 900,000 other prizes. Players can also enter the Ravens second-chance promotion for the chance to win Ravens Season Tickets for 20 years plus $10,000 cash or a $10,000 cash prize or 2020 Season Tickets plus $250 Ravens bucks. The next drawing is Dec. 17. Visit mdlottery.com/promotion/ravens-2019 for details.