California, MD—On Friday Oct. 20, the Department of Aging and Human Services hosted the annual Community Health and Wellness Fair at the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center in Wildewood. Gathered in the building were not just a fantastic amount of people, but also vendors, presenters, screeners and doctors. The expo’s main purpose was to inform the public about proper health care, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t make it entertaining!

The day began with music and a tai chi class, followed by an arthritic exercise and later Zumba classes. Music and free mini massages were also a treat for guests. In each of the rooms down the hall were various health demonstrations, from free vision, skin, oral cancer, and mental health screenings to PowerPoint presentations and flu shots. Linda’s Café even had a food truck outside for guests to enjoy local small business delicacies.

In a larger room, several organizations and nonprofits had pamphlets, business cards, and other information to give patrons. The room was filled with inquisitive guests looking to gain knowledge on their personal health and local groups.

To see our community working together for a common good—the health of the public—is such a fulfilling and heartwarming sight to see. We’ll be looking forward to next year’s health fair!