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ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Comptroller Peter Franchot released the following statement today as the average price of a gallon of gas in Maryland exceeded $5 this weekend:

“Summer travel season is upon us and $5 per gallon for gas could quickly reach $6 and beyond. When the State should be doing something about the rising costs of gas, it’s doing the exact wrong thing – allowing the gas tax to automatically rise by 18 percent on July 1.

During a period of unprecedented budget surplus, we cannot sit by and do nothing as the increasing cost of gas continues to cripple household budgets.

“We can and should immediately freeze the automatic gas tax inflation for one year, as well as adopt a three-month gas tax holiday to bring relief to Marylanders. We’ve done this before, and we can do it again.

The price of gas is not some arbitrary number that has no bearing on real people. The reality is the vast majority of Marylanders depend on their vehicle to get to work, buy groceries, and pick up prescriptions. Small businesses that depend on deliveries are seeing their expenses skyrocket.

Gas prices have very real and very severe impacts on families, our businesses, and our communities. 

“The more consumers spend on gas, the less disposable income they have for basic necessities like food, medicine and housing. Families are altering or canceling vacation plans, which severely affects the state’s economy.

Our economy depends on consumer confidence and decisive actions by the state to stop the gas tax increase and enact a gas tax holiday would bolster consumer spending.

“Fortunately, Maryland’s fiscal outlook is bright enough to absorb the cost of a gas tax pause so there are no unintended consequences on mass transit and road projects. Our citizens are hurting now and are looking to their government  for relief.

We can’t let them down.”

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  1. Thank you!!! It’s a said time for Marylanders. We need a break from these taxes so we can afford living in the place we love.

  2. Sure beats having to pay those low gas prices we had before the “election”, doesn’t.

    But isn’t the gas price skyrocket what every good Democrap voter wanted? AOC’s New Green Deal is really working for the puppet-master who pulling Slo’ Joe’s chain.

    And all the ‘good’ voters will really be happy when the rolling electrical blackouts start hitting at home.

    We need another fake inquisition, so we can blame the previous administration for more of Slo’ Joe’s blunders and more ‘Gun Control’ laws.

  3. You, Franchot, and the democrats are the reason we are in this mess. Putin did not have anything to do with drilling, fracking, the pipeline shut down or oil exploration in our once energy independent nation. Crawl back under the rock pile with shumer, pelosi and biden and shut the hell up.

    1. Oh this should be fun. So please explain: 1. when the rig count number fell and what is today. 2. What the purpose of the Keystone pipeline was. 3. What the breakeven price for US tight oil producers is. 4. The current state of global oil supply/demand. Actual data please, not Fox News/Brietbart talking points.

  4. The only reason Maryland has the money now is because we didn’t spend all the covid money that Trump gave us. The citizens of Maryland should not have to give up our covid money to help bail out you democrats that are up for reelection. Nice try Franchot.

  5. Let’s hear the comments from big dog! Come on little one, grace us with your opinions and show everyone how wrong you are!!!
    Come on we’re all waiting for this!!! Let’s hear it!! Afterwards you can thank me and apologize

    1. Why don’t you state your opinion princess? I’ll then give you the same facts as before. You will whine, threaten, get banned, then blame me. The we’ll repeat the process in another thread.

      1. Let’s hear the facts!!!! Show them!!!! Come on!!!!!

        You can’t do it!!! Because you are WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG

        1. I posted them to you many times No Clue. You have consistently proven you are not bright enough to understand.

  6. Points given above are true.Remember he just wants to win an election.Only point of his words,never happen.Maryland state house is controlled by Democrats that make this state too expensive to live in.I would love to see all members in Annapolis try to buy a home,raise kids,and pay bills when only one spouse works,yes I go thru that.They are married to a man or woman who are basically overpaid for staring at a computer screen.Sorry I was RickyRocardo when I married in 1998,yes my fault in the end.Amazing that a man like me can raise three children and keep a house on my own pay.I don’t feel sorry for two income spouses that get into financial trouble.Yes,this state elects to many democrats who have a degree from any college that makes them special.This state needs to get the democrat representatives out of Annapolis.Truth is they all live basically in pg,mont. and Baltimore county’s,they will pay for 8.00 a gallon for gas.They will always have an overpaid job,even if not a delegate in Annapolis.Thanks for the purge.I needed that.Vote for change.

  7. I can’t wait for the dumb dog to see this!
    Go ahead, keep trying to tell me how wrong I am, I’ll keep on laughing 😂

  8. We need help more now than ever. It’s buy gas or your medication. Guess what win, not your medication.

  9. I can’t wait to hear the comments from my best friend on here, come on, tell me how wrong this article is! Let’s hear it, this should be very entertaining

        1. Naturally Jim has not replied. Which means he has no actual knowledge, he just wants to spout off. He’s just like you.

    1. I’ll state the same thing I said when this came up before, princess. I have seen no noticeable reduction in traffic since gas prices jumped up.

      1. That’s it! You state you see no reduction in traffic??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        Thanks for proving that you cannot post any facts stating that the article is incorrect, and that I was incorrect about the economy starting to fail because of high gas prices, inflation, and high interest rates

        1. The article was about the gas tax and that the price of gas is a horrible burden. If the price of gas was such a burden people would be driving less. They aren’t. Demand for gas would be down. It isn’t. As always, the data is publicly available you can go look it up.

          1. That’s your opinion, I said state the facts proving that gas prices are not having any effect on the economy
            You cannot do so because that’s your opinion

    1. I’ll state the same thing I said when this came up before, princess. I have seen no noticeable reduction in traffic since gas prices jumped up.

  10. No Clue, tell me how much, in monetary terms per gallon, the gas tax is going up.

    1. Thank you for confirming that you cannot prove me wrong and also cannot prove this article incorrect

      You have proven my point right to a tee!

      1. Take breathe…hold it…now listen. You should be able to hear me laughing at you. Wouldn’t matter if you were on Mars. You should still be able to hear me!

    2. Come on No Clue. Tell us how much the gas tax is going up in actual cents per gallon. Follow your own advice and comment on the article.

      1. “The more consumers spend on gas, the less disposable income they have for basic necessities like food, medicine and housing. Families are altering or canceling vacation plans, which severely affects the state’s economy.

        Right there dumb dumb, in the article, the same exact thing I’ve been telling you for months, right there, once again you refuse to learn how to read and refuse facts

        Now thank you for this wonderful experience of showing everyone how dumb you are! Onto the next article

  11. No Clue. Unemployment is at 3.6%. We have 11 MILLION open jobs and 8 million people looking. Retail spending is up 8% year over year. It dropped a little in May but was robust in March and April. First time unemployment claims are low. You did not state the was “starting to fail” (which it isn’t). You stated we are already in recession (which we aren’t). All economic data is readily available and public. I’ve told you where to go look it up. You are too lazy to do so.

    1. I do think I was wrong in an earlier post. This post of yours may be the dumbest you have ever posted! Still holding your breath? I’m laughing harder now. Should come through loud and clear.

      1. Thank you for confirming that you cannot prove me wrong nor prove this article incorrect

  12. Once again big dog shows us how truly dumb he really is, he clearly states that the gas prices right now are fine and that they are having zero effect on the economy
    Thank you for confirming that you cannot post any facts, prove me wrong, nor show that this article is wrong

    1. Hey No Clue, would you please make up your mind what comment you are actually making. You have offered three: 1. the economy is in recession (it isn’t). 2. The economy is failing (it isn’t) 3. Gas prices are having zero effect on the economy (right now they aren’t–overall inflation is but gas prices absent any other factor are not causing demand destruction).

      1. I didn’t state item 3 properly. It should have read Gas prices and gas prices alone are causing the economy to fail. They aren’t, yet.

  13. So the gas tax increase amounts to 6 cents per gallon (No Clue didn’t answer this because it required effort). Car gas tank sizes run 13-18 gallons. So a gas tax increase of 6 cents is less than $1.10 per fill-up. If $1.10 a week breaks you or $5.50 a week breaks you, then you have bigger financial problem than they gas tank. This is a political stunt like Biden’s release from the strategic petroleum reserve.

  14. If gas prices were not effecting the economy negatively they would not consider postponing the gas tax hike or look for ways to suspend the gas tax
    Once again you are totally clueless, follow my advice and stop watching cnn and quit commenting on here as if you know everything because you know nothing

    1. Once again you need to decide what point you are trying to make. Now you are confusing the price of gas with the gas tax. And confusing the total gas tax with the planned increase in MD. The increase is 6 cents. Suspending that is a political stunt that would have no impact on anybody.

        1. Why am I not surprised that your reply has nothing to do with anything? I did get a chuckle that it took you over a day to come up with your usual pathetic response.

        2. Let’s see what’s next? Oh…yeah…you run off to another irrelevant thread and make some derogatory comment about me that has nothing to do with the article!!!

  15. The Dept of Transportation released its April Travel Trends report this morning. The 12 month moving average (3.272 trillion miles) was highest in the series going back to 1997.

  16. “Big dog is DUMB says: June 23, 2022 at 2:44 pm Hahahaha another hypocrite response, you’re running right now to tell on me” I can’t run anywhere I am laughing too hard at you. It came as no surprise that you didn’t respond to the DOT miles driven report and that you instead choose to post another infantile reply!!

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