North Beach

The Town of North Beach will close the following roads in preparation for the fireworks.  There will be NO Farmers Market or Arts Market on Friday, July 1st.  If the fireworks are postponed due to the weather the rescheduled date is Sunday, July 3rd.

Friday, July 1rst:
Roads closed at Noon on Friday
Bay Avenue at Third Street and
Third Street at Chesapeake Avenue

Roads closed at 2 p.m.
fifth Street at Chesapeake Avenue

Roads closed at 4 p.m.
First Street at Chesapeake Avenue
Secnd Street at Chesapeake Avenue
Bay Avenue from First Street to Seventh Street

Roads will remain closed until 11 p.m. on that day.

Beach Fireworks display

A free-flowing traffic pattern will be established on Rt. 260 westbound from Rt. 261 at the conclusion of the fireworks display.

All traffic leaving from the west side of Rt. 261 will only be allowed to turn right. The traffic will follow Rt. 261 to Summer City Blvd. onto Dalrymple Rd. to the light controlled intersection at Rt. 2 or continue south to Ponds Wood Rd or Cox Rd.

Traffic exiting from the east side of Rt. 261 will turn right onto Rt. 261.
The traffic lights will be put on flash and deputies will direct traffic allowing the traffic exiting town easy access out of town.

Traffic leaving North of Rt. 260 on Rt. 261 will only be allowed to turn right. All Traffic approaching Rt. 260 will flow up 27th St to G St. onto Rt. 260 westbound.

Traffic from North Beach will utilize 5th St. to Boyd’s Turn onto Rt. 260.
Traffic will be stopped at RT. 261 and Gordon Stinnett Drive.
The side roads along Rt. 260 will be blocked to G ST.
The road will be blocked at Rt. 261 and the entrance to Kellam’s ball field.


Solomons Island Fireworks display

Shortly after the conclusion of the Solomons Island Fireworks display on July 4th, a free flowing traffic plan will be established which will allow two lanes to exit Solomons Island and the adjacent parking areas.

The Visitor Center access road will be closed from the north side exit of Glascosk Field to Rt. 2.

The north exit of Glascosk Field will be a St. Mary’s County only exit.

There will be no southbound traffic beyond Patuxent Plaza once the traffic pattern has been established.

The traffic plan is anticipated to be in effect for approximately one hour after the end of the display.