ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Within the Office of Legislative Audit’s report from early 2022, several concerning facts were revealed, suggesting possible collusion statewide between winners and vendors.

The report is a fiscal compliance audit of the State Lottery and Gaming Control Agency (SLGCA) conducted between January 3, 2017, and October 15, 2020.

In the introduction, the auditors say “Our audit disclosed that SLGCA had not established procedures to identify and investigate individuals who won multiple high-dollar lottery prizes (in some cases 200 or more times in a year) to identify patterns of potential collusion between players and lottery related vendors or officials.”

This is concerning as the approximate revenue from the state lottery was $2.2 billion in the 2020 calendar year.

The figure below shows a breakdown of the 362 individuals that have twenty or more high dollar wins in the year 2020 — eight with over two hundred wins totaling $4.46 million. The Office of Legislative Audits consider high-dollar lottery prizes as more than $600 in a single drawing.

Auditors added that they couldn’t determine how many times these players played that year.

The report gave some examples of these wins. One individual won the top prize of the Pick 4 game 79 times, and two individuals won the Multi-Match a combined 439 times, totaling nearly a million dollars between them.

They stated that the SLGCA should have reviewed the patterns of winning tickets to investigate where they were sold and also redeemed to determine any relationships between winners and vendor employees.

The report also shows how the SLGCA either failed to conduct monthly testing of Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) or did not conduct the test at all.

The random tests are to ensure they function properly, however, SLGCA discontinued testing because the machines are tested when they are installed, and they claimed it would’ve been “redundant.”

Read the full audit below:

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  1. “Auditors added that they couldn’t determine”
    “the SLGCA should have reviewed”
    “how the SLGCA either failed to conduct monthly testing or did not conduct the test at all”

    It sure sounds like SLGCA is a diverse & equitable crew instead of a qualified agency. Of course everyone knows it is unfair to hire qualified people.

    1. Stay on point and take the hate out of your feedback. The lack of auditing and corrective action is the issue here. The director of this agency is to be held responsible.

      1. It’s racist to base your decisions and opinions on your own personal experience and observations I guess.

      2. “On Point?”
        Okay, inept people stuck with having to hire even more inept people doesn’t work in the real world. I don’t hate, I rather enjoy watching all the liberals precious tax dollars squandered on hiring lesser qualified employees, that they have no control over.

  2. The lottery should make all vendors put a lottery ticket machine ( digital) in there business establishment
    That would stop the fraud

    1. That’s what I was thinking, too. How would the lottery terminal owners know what number was going to be drawn? Scratching my head a bit on this one. Although I have always wondered why the same places always seem to have the winners…..

      1. I don’t know about the ball drawn games, but the Racetrax game can be fixed. Out in Iowa a lottery employee installed code on lottery computers that allowed him to predict the winning numbers across five states earning $24 million.

  3. Could’a, should’a, and would’a but they didn’t ! Maybe by next year they’ll figure it out. Maybe not!

  4. Article here amazing.Collusion on two party’s,not sure how that can happen.I thought pick 4 game was used by random balls.Lost as to how they get those numbers right.Excellent way to have income for new car and apartment to stay home and just travel all day,if true.Now I call my lady who operates gambling machine to see how this might work.

  5. Well let’s see I was buying a $20 yellow ticket where you can win one to 100 200 or $500 and all of a sudden the next ticket was going I asked my vendor where the ticket was she said my husband’s scanning the booking in the back I said no the book was already scanned in because I checked these tickets and they were losers they have a lottery app rewards they scan it on their phone if it’s a winning ticket it rejects the reward points so therefore they cashed at $20 ticket for $100 up to $500 this is at the Frederick road 711 store in Ellicott City Maryland thank you have a nice day and remember that’s why I stopped spending $700 a week on lottery now I spend 10 have a great day

  6. When pick four numbers are picked EXACTLY the same in the Midday and Evening draw on the same day, those are astronomical odds, yet it has happened several times the last few years that I know of, Somethings wrongs!?

  7. “They claimed it would have been redundant “. Isn’t most of the government redundant?

  8. That’s why all winners and vendors should be identified especially with the big money prizes and when a winner is supposedly extremely lucky, put them and the vendor under surveillance and find the fraudulent ways they are ripping off the lottery and make them pay for the crimes committed.

  9. So is the lottery not legitimate? Two people won the multi match 439 times? Someone please look into this.

  10. Oh My Goodness! I was just telling my mother that The Maryland Lottery Commission needs to do more when Maryland has winners.
    Lol my suggestions was for them to advertise announcements for everyone to check tickets through t.v and radio. Also, to create more jobs by hiring people to drive through the winning neighborhoods with bullhorns requesting everyone to check their tickets due to winning numbers/ tickets brought within that particular neighborhood.
    I bet somebody is say something about it and everyone would remember to check their tickets brought in that go-round.

  11. It’s simply a way for people to avoid paying taxes on their winnings. All serious regular lottery players know a person who will cash their winning tickets for them (for a piece of the action). Often they cash the tickets at the same location, so the owner of the business gets a cut of the action too. This is nothing new, been going on for years. It’s a tax fraud and should be investigated as such.

  12. The odds of multiple winners like described is virtually impossible. The odds are simple to calculate. Haven’t read the full report but hopefully they documented that. That alone and a few other dots to connect such as an interview for “do you have a relative working with one of the vendors?”, and you can get pretty close to whether or not you should start a criminal inquiry. It’s not rocket science

  13. WTF someone wins $5,000 79 times in 1 year and you don’t find that suspicious. This person should be named, cuz aint no way boi.

    I don’t know how you can fix the ball drawn games but the Racetrax game can be manipulated, cuz out in Iowa & 4 other states Eddie Tipton fixed the games by installing code on lottery computers, allowing him to predict the winning numbers.

  14. I remember years ago the Publisher’s Clearing House and McDonald’s Monopoly games were compromised as well. There are now documentaries about it.

    1. yeah, it could be that the entries are not counted the same. Maybe there are different colors used & the phone entries are 1 color & the internet entries are another color & the purchase entries are another color, so you can tell whats what. Are those drawings done live? as in taped?

  15. So this is why I’ve played Powerball 2-3 times a week for the last 10 years and only hit a max of $2.00 twice

  16. I geet concerned the lottery is turning into a surveillance state.
    There are card slots (debit) on their terminals, so, potentially, the lottery knows whos playing & what. Not that I’m trying to give ideas, but how long is it till the lottery has to be done on a card, how long before the lottery loses anonymous? I bet its very valuable to know whos playing the lottery & what they play. I wonder if theres data collection going on & how much its worth? (Whos wiling to gamble?)

  17. The Maryland State Lottery should be investigated they probably have unscrupulous employees who are employed there

  18. I have said this for over 20 years I have entered hundreds on second change drawing and I same city and town win all the time the same last names always show up and all are purchased in same store or town. Why would the state allow this to happen some people save to buy a lottery ticket or scratch off and never get anything how is it fair for some people to when ten and twenty times without it being fixed?

  19. I knew something was wrong with Maryland Lottery. DC lottery needs to be audited again as well. I have played both for years. I have won a few times in the past. Lately I don’t seem to win anything not even small winnings. I notice winners are always from the same areas, not spread evenly throughout the state. Not fair at all. Hope it gets better or they will continue to lose players and money.

  20. It’s obvious to see whats going on this is just insane very unfair to play the lottery seeing its rigged somebody know the scoop in the back office giving out all our money to they friends and family well isn’t that cute but it’s WRONG!!!!!!!

  21. So that means that the random number drawings aren’t random. The balls must be magnetized or something so that that specific number comes up. All of them need to be audited there is no way one person should be winning all these high lotteries like one ticket won the billion dollars.

  22. Has anyone ever been watching the lottery live and the balls got stuck, didn’t pop up like they should? I saw this happen twice, I believe it happened with the Multi Match. Later, the numbers are posted on their App. The crooks are probably the people that work at the MD Lottery.

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