On the afternoon of June 9 Mildred Rainwater came across a six-foot red tail boa slithering along Dare’s Beach road in Prince Frederick.

According to Rainwater’s son, Austin Williams (pictured left), she is afraid of snakes but approached it anyway.

Rainwater lifted the snake with two sticks; one placed under its head and the other beneath the tail, and, along with the help of a companion, lifted the snake into the bed of a truck.

Williams, who is an animal lover and is familiar with snakes, received a call from his mother asking him for help.

Williams said the snake looked dehydrated and hungry so he took it to Petco to get it a rat or mouse to eat.

Petco helped Williams get the word out and within two hours the owner of the snake contacted him to claim the pet.

Williams met up with the owner at the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office in order to return the snake.

According to Williams the owner believed the pet snake was dead so took it out into the woods, but the snake was only molting.

The snake is now safely off the streets and back home.


Photo courtesy Jennifer Anderson.