PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – With the 2022 primary elections in Maryland fast approaching, it is imperative that the residents of Southern Maryland get registered to vote.

That is why the Calvert County Board of Elections held a virtual class to train volunteers on how to register people to vote before the registration deadline on June 28th.

This training session starts off with a PowerPoint presentation. This presentation serves as a rundown of the laws of Maryland state elections and the rules that must be followed. These rules and laws include the minimum age required to vote and Maryland citizenship address verification and confirmation.

The presentation also explains how an individual may register to vote and the paperwork required to register. They also explain the ways in which someone can vote.

The role of a voter registration volunteer (VRV) is to aid those looking to register, regardless of political identification, as well as verify who can vote in a Maryland election, they ask questions such as, “Are you at least 16 years of age?”, and, “Are you a citizen of The United States?” Other components such as a form of identification, a social security number, a signature, and an address are also needed to register.

It is very important that the volunteer examine every potential voters’ application carefully in order to ensure that all necessary information is provided.

In order to be verified as a volunteer, one must fill out an affidavit form verifying that they attended the presentation and understand the Maryland state election laws.

This training demonstrates how important it is that people volunteer to get other people registered to vote, because voting is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as citizens, therefore it is imperative that as many eligible people as possible are registered.

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