PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — After months of deliberation, the Calvert County Fair Board of Directors announced they are canceling their festivities planned for 2020, which were previously scheduled from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4.

Calvert County Fair Board President Carol Lee said that “it was a tough decision” to halt the 135-year tradition in the county.

“We did a lot of research on it… we talked to our Health Department and [other entities],” Lee said in a phone interview. “We did it to keep everyone safe.”

This decision follows one from June 30, where St. Mary’s County opted to go a similar route by canceling their county fair. Charles County’s board has not yet decided to cancel their fair, but their Board of Directors is planning to take up the decision on July 20.

In a statement put out by the Calvert Fair Board on July 10, the decision to try and work with any COVID-19 requirements would make having a major event like the fair very difficult to conduct.


According to Lee, one difference made in Calvert’s decision when compared to St. Mary’s, as they will likely not try to find certain events that can fill the void of the fair. St. Mary’s had previously said that they were looking into some potentially virtual options that could be implemented into the local 4-H programs. Lee, understandably disappointed in the decision, knows that the health of the public is paramount for bringing people back to the fair in 2021.

“We haven’t come up with anything else with it yet,” Lee said. “[I’m going to miss] the people, and the exhibits, and seeing the things that everyone makes and brings.”

“It’s for everyone’s safety,” Lee said.

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