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LUSBY, Md. — As fall sports end, athletic programs in the Calvert County Public School system are petitioning for better fields for years to come. Citizens, athletes, and athletic directors believe it is time to finally tend to the fields.

“We have grown tired of games being canceled in our local parks because field conditions were too poor, maintenance was not done on fields, or there simply is not enough grounds crew to maintain all the fields during or after rains,” a citizen said in the petition. “We have watched as our athletic directors, teachers, and coaches in the public schools struggle to make their fields barely playable week after week.”

According to the athletic director of Patuxent High School, Keith Powell, every field in Calvert County has been rough for at least 10 years. However, the board of education always had a thing to maintain the field until 18 months ago. Then, the fields got drastically worse, and schools from other areas started taking notice.

Fields typically start the fall season in good condition after summer maintenance but progressively worsen as the season goes on. By the time it is late October, the fields are horrible, according to athletic director Powell.

Hosting several successful programs in their county and seeing the neighboring St. Mary’s County get turf, athletic directors across the county believe that it’s only right for them to get improved fields.

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“With St. Mary’s County getting turf, I just felt like it was time to make a push. We have great athletic teams in Calvert County. We have won many state championships. We have won many regional titles,” Powell said.

Powell believes these improvements will decrease the number of cancellations, get children outside and involved in sports and create opportunities for tournaments. Although having turf might seem like a luxury, many others argue it is an investment that will pay itself off in the future.

“Turf fields, while they are costly upfront, provide a much greater value over the long term. Maintenance of turf fields is much less than natural grass fields and the number of hours that can be scheduled on a turf field exceeds that of natural grass. This makes the cost per hour of usage for turf fields much lower,” a citizen said in the petition.

If you want to learn more about why they are pushing for turf fields, you can check out the local petition by clicking here.

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