PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — On Wednesday, June 22nd, the Calvert County Democratic Party held a meet and greet for their candidates running for Commissioner, Sheriff, and Board of Education.

During this event, voters were given the opportunity to meet with various democratic candidates running for a number of local offices. Refreshments such as cookies and sodas were also provided to any guests who came, like Calvert NAACP President Michael Kent.

“We are a non-partisan organization and we do not endorse any parties.”, said Kent. “We support issues and we need to be informed about which issues candidates support.”

As expected, there were multiple candidates in attendance at the meet and greet. One such candidate was Chelsea Montague, an employee with Feed the People SOMD and candidate for Commissioner At Large.

Montague is running her campaign, “on a platform of affordable housing, fully funding our school system above MOE, and preserving public lands and our environment while utilizing it as a tourism opportunity to increase revenue without raising taxes.”

Also in attendance was Tracy McGuire, candidate for the Board of Education, as well as a past member of the BOE.

McGuire is campaigning on the idea of, “a world-class school system where each and every student feels like they belong and our educators are paid and respected well and want to work.”

The lone Democrat running for Calvert County Sheriff, Jay Johnson also made an appearance at the meet and greet. Johnson is hoping to create a sheriff’s office with more transparency and seeks to, “inspire the community to come together and keep our communities most important resource, our children, safe.”

Finally, there was Rick Piereck, candidate for State Attorney. Piereck is running his campaign atop three pillars: fairness, integrity, and transparency.

Piereck is looking to, “modernize the SA office and improve training for staff and law enforcement and drafting smart on crime policies.”

The Maryland Primary Election will take place on July 19th, the general election will take place on November 8th.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this article said that Piereck is running a his campaign atop three pillars, one of which was “fearlessness.” The article has been updated after his campaign reached out to clarify that was supposed to be “fairness.”

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  1. A few elections ago (Primary, D) there were 3 candidates, 1 was Fuente. A fair question to ask is: why did he get no press coverage? Every night, the press covered the other 2, but whats the big deal about covering the 3rd? Its 1 thing for the press to say so and so has no chance, its another thing for the press to make it so that so and so has no chance by not even covering them. There is a difference between covering a candidate\s & endorsing them. When a press excessively covers a candidate, maybe its an endorsement without using the word endorsement. When the press makes a candidate likable, it could be an endorsement. The Press coverage has something to do with an endorsement. There is a line between the press covering- a- candidate + pushing- a- candidate\ giving- them- an- endorsement. The press will sit- there- &- say a candidate has- no- chance when, if they gave a candidate coverage (they should have) , then they would have a chance.

  2. what a disgrace that you have to be either Republican or Democrat, to vote for Circuit court judges.

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