SOT Deputies –  SDFC. Yuri Bortchevsky and Cpl. Nick DeFelice

The cold doesn’t stop Calvert Deputies from participating in ‘Point in Time Survey / Homeless Outreach’. At the beginning of February, members of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Team (SOT) participated in a ‘Point in Time Survey / Homeless Outreach’ with various community partners.

The survey is designed to identify persons in need within the community so that accurate reporting numbers can be directed towards appropriate community resources and state level funding efforts.

“Although this event is held annually on the state level, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office conducts daily outreach efforts to identify people that might be unserved or direct them towards community resources outside of traditional law enforcement. Deputies that participate in the outreach are trained in crisis intervention and are versed in identifying the appropriate resources for people that may need assistance  in our community – Cpl. DeFelice “