OWINGS, Md. – On Thursday, May 24th, students at Cardinal Hickey Academy, and their parents were invited to the “Saints Museum” presented by CHA’s 8th grade students. Each 8th grader dressed as their chosen Saint and held a black frame around their upper body to make them look like a portrait.  Visitors were invited to select the ‘button’ on the frame. When pressed, the Saint came to life and gave a short description about themselves and their life. 23 different Saints were represented. The “Saints Museum was a fun, interactive way to learn about and appreciate the beloved Saints from our Catholic faith.

Cardinal Hickey Academy (CHA) is a Montessori Preschool and K-8th grade regional Catholic school in Owings, MD. For more information, contact development@cardinalhickeyacademy.org or 410-286-0404.