The Easter season is upon us and our candy connoisseurs at Just Born Quality Confections have been busy making a variety of PEEPS colors, flavors and shapes for every PEEPSONALITY® in America! In addition to our sweet Easter product portfolio, we wanted to share some PEEPS fun facts for Washington, DC, to help kick off Spring!

Did you know…

  • It would take 2,664 PEEPS Bunnies stacked in a straight line to match the height of the Washington Monument.
  • The Library of Congress has 535 miles of bookshelves, which is equivalent to the length of more than 13 million PEEPS Chicks.
  • The approximate worth of the White House is over $300 million, which is equivalent to the cost of 1.5 billion PEEPS Chicks.
  • It would take more than 3.1 million PEEPS Chicks to cover the floor of the White House.
  • The head of the statue of President Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial is the equivalent weight of 12.4 million PEEPS.

Happy Easter!