PHOTO: Syncere Smith (Courtesy of GoFundMe via Gemini Cornish)

HOLLYWOOD, Md. – “He was looking forward to his game on Saturday,” reads a GoFundMe page that was started for the family of Syncere “Cere” Smith, the victim of the shooting that took place at the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department Carnival on July 15th. Syncere was known for his love of playing basketball. He had hoped to potentially pursue it further in college after graduating from Great Mills High School in 2023 or potentially try joining the Air Force.

But sadly, Syncere’s life was cut short at what has traditionally been a night of fun for the Southern Maryland community.

The GoFundMe page, which was started by Syncere’s aunt, Gemini Cornish, outlines the details that no family member would ever want to hear.

As Syncere’s mother, Deanna Cornish, was getting ready for a gender reveal party out of the area for her second grandchild, she received a devastating phone call saying that her son Syncere had been shot at a local carnival.

She would drive over two hours to get home and receive the heart-breaking news that “Cere didn’t make it.”

“At such a young age of 16, his life was cut short to senseless gun violence,” the page says.

The page is currently seeking donations to help cover the expenses of the funeral arrangements, to help make things easier on his mother and five siblings.

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  1. I hope that POS that filmed the youtube video at the gas station burns in Hell. He had no Respect for the officers or anyone else. Sorry for the loss, such a shame at such a young age.

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