Charles County Speed Camera Locations For The Weeks Of May 14-21

WALDORF, Md. – The Charles County Sheriff’s Office announced the automated speed enforcement cameras will be in the following school zones for the weeks of May 14 and May 21:

-Leonardtown Road at Thomas Stone High School

-Marshall Corner Road at James Craik Elementary School

-Marshall Corner Road at McDonough High School

-Middletown Road at Westlake High School

-Indian Head Highway at Indian Head Elementary School

-Ironsides Road at Mt. Hope Elementary School

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  1. Still trying to figure out why don’t we have these in St. Mary’s County? Plenty of speeding, running lights, and accidents out here.

    1. Are you complaining about unverifiable traffic citations in St. Marys?? When you’re told that you’re speeding, after you’ve pulled over & you look, its 0. When you’re told you’ve run a red light, go ahead & go back & look at it, it might still be red. Go ahead & tell the judge you couldn’t verify the speed, & it was 0 when you looked, go ahead & tell the judge you went back & the light was yellow & see how far that gets you. I wonder why CALEA condones this. Its seems to me its a denial of due process when you can’t verify your traffic citations & you’re supposed to be able to verify your charges. A criminal defense attorney probably isn’t going to complaint about it, or any traffic citations. Where do you think they get the clients from? 1 of the reasons why these criminal defense attorneys don’t have these screwed- up charges addressed in Annapolis is that they get clients from them. cha ching.

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