SEVERN, Md. – Chesapeake BMX, a BMX racing stadium in Anne Arundel County, had hoped to start its new season with a renovated stadium and an entirely new track design. However, their plans are now on hold after an external fraud incident was discovered in February.

The incident seems to involve Square, a financial services company that Chesapeake BMX has been working with. According to their website, “Square was established to give every business owner an easier way to take credit cards.” 

In a statement on their Facebook page, Tom (President) and Charlie (Track Operator) as well as The Board of Directors at CBMX discussed the incident. 

“In October 2021, it was discovered that an external fraudulent situation occurred through Square’s side of our credit processing account, (please do not worry, it was not a breach of our customer’s information). Resulting in the theft of over $81,000,” the post reads. “Thus far, the track has been able to recover over $16,000. We have been working tirelessly with Square, multiple police agencies, and our legal counsel for months to do everything we can to recover every penny that was stolen.”

According to the statement from CBMX, much of the stolen money was earmarked for the track renovations. Losing that has impacted those plans. 

CBMX is not giving up its plans for renovations, saying, “Once the season starts, we will continue to work to save again, as well as continue to work on grant applications and other fundraising efforts to try to build up the funds to do all the renovations and upgrades to the facility.” 

CBMX ended the statement by thanking all spectators, riders, and volunteers for their support. reached out to Chesapeake BMX for comment on the fraud incident, to which they said: “at this time, we are not permitted to share any additional details at the advice of our legal counsel. However, we WILL be able to share all of the details very shortly, and I would be happy to share them with you at that time.”

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