“There’s just nothing like it close by,” General Manager Marci Kreamer said of the newly opened ‘Oasis’ at the Chesapeake Highlands Memorial Garden. “I think it’s going to fit the needs of the community. It’s a cremation garden but it’s just stunning, it really is beautiful.”

The Chesapeake Highlands Memorial Garden opened in 2005 and Kreamer has been at the establishment since 2007.

The Oasis, which is a cremation garden, opened July 2015 after about a year and a half of planning.

Kreamer has a horticultural background and did the landscaping for the Oasis.

“We do have some more things for beautifying,” she said. “[We have] smaller details that we will be [adding] over the next year; it’s just a beautiful addition and we’re just going to keep making it more beautiful.”

Throughout the Oasis are several granite structures that are all equipped with niches with doors that can open and hold an urn.

All of the structures and sculptures throughout the garden have the ability to be used as a resting place.

“This is just a beautiful place to just come and reflect even if you don’t have a loved one buried here,” Kreamer said. “It’s for people who have loved ones buried here and it’s for the community to enjoy.

The Chesapeake Highlands Memorial Garden currently hosts two events per year. These events are the Butterfly Memorial Release with Calvert Hospice that will be held in September 2015 and the Fireman’s Memorial.

The Fireman’s Memorial event is held around a monument built for Calvert County firefighters that have been lost in the line of duty. In front of the monument is a piece of the World Trade Center that was given to Mike Bowen, a chaplain for the fire department, after 9/11.

Kreamer hopes that this garden will not only be a place to lay loved ones to rest, but a place for the entire community.

“[We want the community to know] we’re not just a place, we’re people here that care,” said Kreamer. “I feel that everything ties together with the Oasis because [it] is not just a place for someone to ‘inurn’ their loved one, it’s another aspect of engaging the community where they have a nice place to come and sit and reflect about whatever they want. It’s just a really beautiful place.”

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