Comedy Hypnotist To Perform At The Rex This Weekend
Credit: Dale K

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – You wiiillll go to The Rex Theatre to see Dale K perform this Friday and Saturday.

Whether you’re a fan of hypnotists, just want to be entertained, or even a skeptic of the craft, Dale K, a comedy hypnotist based out of Florida, promises that his show will be an experience that you don’t want to miss.

Originally from Southern Ontario, Canada, Dale K has been a performer since he was just 16-years-old. Dale saw his first hypnosis show when he was in high school, which intrigued him and motivated him to pursue the craft. Dale would walk to local libraries and bookstores in search of books that teach the art of hypnosis.

Dale was no stranger to unique forms of entertainment, as his father was a part-time clown. However, Dale didn’t always have the best support system around him, living in a small town where people either weren’t interested in such careers, or just outright didn’t believe they were worth pursuing. While trying to learn as much about the craft as possible, Dale also struggled to find reliable mentors, especially since he was just 16.

However, none of those obstacles were able to stop Dale.

Through trial and error, Dale would build a reliable name for himself all across the country, and made this his full-time career. Performing for many private shows in a variety of venues such as casinos and universities.

Through all his hard work, Dale believes his biggest accomplishment is that he has grown as an entertainer.

“In the beginning when I did this, it was all about making people cluck like chickens. That’s only satisfying for a certain amount of time for me. For other entertainers, that’s all they care about, ‘what’s the craziest thing I can make people do?’ As I matured, I’ve realized that the audience has also matured, so I want to treat the audience with respect as well as my volunteers,” Dale told “The most fulfilling thing for me is to have a show where I’m actually explaining to the audience how this works and what I’m doing. At the same time, the volunteers on the stage get an amazing benefit when they volunteer. They not only leave the stage applauding and laughing with them, they leave the stage with a new-found confidence. You’ll get some pretty introverted come up, and their friends and family are in the audience, and they’ll go, ‘wow, we’ve never seen them like this before!’ So I look at it as I’m giving people this amazing experience where they can find confidence and use that confidence in their personal and professional lives.”

Comedy Hypnotist To Perform At The Rex This Weekend
Credit: Dale K

So, what exactly does the show entail?

Dale explained how the show starts with mental and visual experiments that the entire audience can participate in, with the second half being the actual hypnosis portion with volunteers on stage.

“I’m not going to be controlling them, I will be motivating them to do and see some extraordinary things,” Dales explains.

When it comes to skeptics, Dale actually states that’s his favorite part about performing. Dale explained that a lot of times, people will be skeptical before the show, then turn into actual believers after the show.

“Forget about what you’ve seen in movies or online when it comes to hypnotists. Honestly, if you ever seen another hypnosis show prior, forget about that, because a lot of the time, other hypnotists embellish what it actually really is,” Dale explained. “I’m the most honest hypnotist you’ll ever meet, and I will be completely open and honest on that stage. I guarantee that you will be laughing harder than ever before, while scratching your head wondering about what you just saw.”

Comedy Hypnotist To Perform At The Rex This Weekend
Credit: Dale K

Dale K will be performing at The Rex Theatre in Leonardtown on May 26 and May 27. Ticket info can be found by clicking the dates, and on The Rex Theatre’s social media pages.

For more info on Dale K and what he’s all about, visit his website.

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