Copperhead Season Is Upon Us, Here’s Some Helpful Tips

SOUTHERN MARYLAND – Past few year’s medics and EMT’s responded to many reports of copperhead bites in Southern Maryland with many of them being children. It’s that time of year again for the copperheads.

Here are some helpful tips:

1) If an adult bites you, it’s possible you’d only get a dry bite. But go to the hospital as soon as possible anyway.

2) If you smell cucumber for no reason, you are within striking distance of a copperhead and you have already disturbed him.

3) Juveniles often have a yellow tip on the tail and they ALWAYS DUMP ALL THEIR VENOM.

4) Possums eat all snakes they find including copperheads, so leave the possums alone.

5) Other snakes such as rat snakes compete with copperheads for food and have been seen eating juvenile snakes just like King snakes eat copperheads, so dont kill other snakes. they are harmless, leave them be. learn to identify all snakes in your area.

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  1. Now, that is the clearest and fullest warning note I’ve seen on snakes in many a year. It’s short, has the essentials, and avoids the time-wasting details. Congratulations to whomever wrote this on your staff. The rest may well profit from studying his or her methods.

  2. I seen a beautiful copper head this past weekend. Did you know it’s against the law in Maryland to kill any snake.

    1. Can’t kill snakes in Maryland………………… they might be state legislators.
      (Usually are.)

    2. Pay attention for that cucumber smell! I forgot about that, thank you for that reminder! I agree, copperheads are beautiful vipers.

      1. The cucumber smell, I’m guessing, is some kind of warning? It also means a copperhead is right near you…? Wow…!

    3. The past tense of the verb “see” is “saw”. You should have said, “I saw a beautiful…..”
      “Seen” is the past perfect form of “see” and always is preceded with the word “have”.

    4. You saw*. I’m sure if a snake was going to bite you, you won’t get arrested

  3. I’ve always been told that copperheads cannot climb. So my question is, could a mature copperhead measuring around 3 ft to 4 ft climb a standards set of outdoor deck steps? Or could it wrap the feed water pipe under trailer to get up in subfloor, that’s 3ft above ground level, in crawlspace?

  4. Also , if you see one, there’s usually another one nearby within 30 ft or so. I’ve personally seen this many times so be careful when you see one.

  5. Being a 70 year old Texan, I have had more than a thousand interactions with snakes for well over 60 years. Most snakes will try to avoid people and slither away, but usually only bite as a defensive habit. Just leave them alone.

  6. I asked the southeastern reptile rescue based in georgia about the cucumber smell. He said it is not true.

  7. The cucumber smell has been see as a myth I live in copperhead country in rural east Tennessee and have been around numerous copperheads even bitten by one mowing and have never smelled cucumbers being around these snakes nor anybody else from forestry divisions described the smell

    1. Greensboro NC and they emit a cucumber musk smell here. Not sure why, they just do.

  8. Thank you for this information. I did not know this about snakes even though I am very fearful of all snakes small or large.

  9. I found a Copperhead about 2 feet long crawling out from my utility building yesterday. It really was a pretty snake. It transformed into a beautiful snake about 5 minutes later when it’s head was detached by a shovel. 🐍🐍🐍

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