Waldorf, MD— On Jan.7 at 2:16 a.m., Charles County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the intersection of U.S. 301 and Billingsley Road to provide back-up requested by a fellow officer. 

Joseph Marvin Swann, 34, was pulled over after running a red light and Pfc. B.Kunz conducted a record check. Kunz requested backup due to Swann’s criminal past. 

According to court documents, “Swann became increasingly aggravated during the sobriety test and at one point, he suddenly put his hands behind his back without being told to do so.” 

“Swann became irate and allegedly kicked the passenger window twice, shattering it before officers could stop him,” according to court documents. 

“It is believed he (Swann) was smoking marijuana laced with PCP,” according to court documents. 

Swann has a tentative preliminary hearing scheduled for March 1 at Charles County District Court. Swann faces seven charges in all ranging from resisting arrest to three counts of assault second degree. 

The investigating officer who filed these charging documents in this case was Officer. A. Bringley of Charles County Sheriff’s Office. 

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