ANNAPOLIS, Md. – County Executive Steuart Pittman called on Councilmember Jessica Haire to apologize for a mail piece sent to voters showing her holding a shotgun and promising to expand and use the 2nd Amendment. 

The mailer reached county residents 11 days after a racist shot and killed 10 people in a Buffalo grocery store, and one day after a gunman used an assault rifle to murder 19 elementary school children and two of their teachers in Uvalde, TX.

“I can’t explain what message Councilwoman Haire is trying to send with this advertising, but based on her vote to decline state funds for covid and opioid mitigation, and against protecting gun stores from firearms theft, we can assume that a Haire administration would end my administration’s gun violence intervention efforts,” County Executive Steuart Pittman said. “Which response do you support to massacres of innocent children and shoppers: comprehensive, data-driven intervention, or celebration of the very tool used to kill?”

“The county executive and I agree that firearms can be an important tool in people’s lives and work,“ said Andrea Chamblee, Anne Arundel County Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Vice-Chair and widow of the late Capital Gazette reporter and editor John McNamara. “But they don’t belong in a grocery store, a yoga studio, an elementary school, or a political ad. It is listening and responding to the needs and concerns of voters that makes a true public servant, not posing with firearms as a prop and scare tactic to score political points.”

Fulfilling a promise he made while campaigning in 2018, County Executive Pittman created the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force in the first year of his administration. The Task Force issued a report, found here, that included more than 40 conclusions on how to end gun violence.

After receiving the report, County Executive Pittman created the multi-agency Gun Violence Intervention Team, modeled on the County’s Opioid Intervention Team, and tasked the Department of Health with staffing and organizing it. 

County Executive Pittman and the Gun Violence Intervention Team will hold a public meeting at 6pm on June 2 at the Michael E. Busch Library in Annapolis for updates on the work and next steps. More information on how to attend can be found here.

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  1. Hey Pittman, ever hear of “Shall not be infringed”? Freedom can be scary, and so it seems you are fearful of freedom, which also mean that you are a coward. The U.S. Constitution makes it abundantly clear that the rights of American citizens are natural rights, and exists not as an arbiter of rights but to outline the rights that government officials are NOT to infringe upon. The Democrat party and all individuals who seek to infringe upon our rights are domestic enemies and should be identified as such.

      1. The Constitution, the second amendment in particular, doesn’t state that the RIGHT of the individual to keep and bear arms shall be well regulated, but the MILITIA that is formed by that state’s citizens shall be. Textually, its speaking to it’s neccesity, not a means of controlling or prohibiting. Think in terms of militaristic regulations and not of a government regulating it’s citizens.

    1. If these are natural rights, why must they be “well regulated”?
      “Questions incels and ammosexuals never answer for $1000, Ken”

      1. “Well regulated”, means to have serviceable and properly working and cared for arms/weapons with the necessary ammunition on hand. Not regulated as in regulations issued by a governing body. Jeez, learn some history.

    2. Your comment is just as silly as politician Pittman’s. It’s no wonder nothing gets done in this country when so many of our citizens and all (?) our politicians do nothing but play the victim or jump to silly conclusions.

  2. I agree with Mr. Pittman and Ms. Chamblee that “firearms can be an important tool in people’s lives and work”. They’re especially important for shooting sporting clays which is what Ms. Haire is doing in the photo mailer they’re so incensed by. If you see that ad as a”scare tactic” you just don’t have eyes for looking in my opinion. That’s certainly not the the scariest thing to have come out of a mailbox. As for potentially “scoring political points “, isn’t that what politicans- yourself included, do? FJB

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