Nursing graduates show off their caps during the College of Southern Maryland’s nursing recognition ceremony Jan. 17, as part of the college’s 20th Winter Commencement.

During the College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) nursing recognition ceremony Jan. 17, as part of the college’s 20th Winter Commencement, 38 associate degree nursing candidates received their nursing pins.

“The nursing pin is a treasured symbol from your school,” CSM Nursing Professor Annette Ragland told the graduates and their families during the ceremony. “Let this pin be a constant reminder of your desire and commitment to serve others. It is a medal of honor and it is also a badge of courage.”

Ragland went on to tell the audience how the modern pinning ceremony dates back to the 1860s, when Florence Nightingale was awarded the Red Cross of St. George in recognition for her tireless service to the injured during the Crimean War. According to Healthcare Marketplace, “to share the honor, [Nightingale] in turn presented a medal of excellence to her brightest graduates and by 1916, the practice of pinning new graduates was standard throughout the U.S.”

“It was decades ago when the first pin was designed by the first RN class to ever graduate from the college in 1979,” continued Ragland, who added that the current pin was custom designed by the college’s nursing faculty and students to reflect the first graduating class of CSM in 2001. “This pin connects you with every nurse who has come before you.”

Nursing graduates from Calvert County in the front row from left are Lauren Belskie, Elizabeth Duncan, Angie Haddock, Savannah Keifline and Kaitlyn Lane. In the back row from left are Lisa Malecki, Lindsay McKenzie, Kimberleigh Nicholas, Jenna Ware and Karlee Young. Not pictured is Kathryn Oresik.

Guest speaker and retired CSM Nursing Professor Janice Bonham spoke emotionally and fondly of her time at CSM and welcomed her “fellow nurses” to their profession. “Soon you will say, ‘I am a registered nurse.’” Bonham said. “Five little words that mean so much.”

Representing the nursing class as student speaker, Kitomila Turner recalled the hours, days, weeks and months of studying, testing, failing and succeeding. But she received thunderous laughs and applause when she reminded her fellow classmates that the most important lesson they all learned over the last two years was, “Wash Your Hands!”

“When anyone asks me where I went to school,” she boasted, “I will proudly say, ‘the College of Southern Maryland.’”

Nursing graduates from Charles County in the first row from left are Lindsey Bowersox, Jade Boyer, Chanda McIver, Amanda Hill and Molly Harman. In the back row from left are Taylor Namm, Claudia Reber, Jacqueline Taylor, Kitomila Turner and Rachel Turner. Not pictured is Lisa Dzialoski.

Rachel Turner, 21, of Waldorf, was awarded the CSM Health Sciences Division Achievement in Nursing Award, presented to the graduate who demonstrates academic achievement, clinical competence, community service and leadership potential. The day was especially sweet for Turner, who learned two days before ceremony that she would begin her career as a registered nurse at Washington Hospital Center’s in the stroke unit Feb. 25.

Patrick Allen, of Prince William County joins St. Mary’s County graduates who, after him in the front row from left are Jacqueline Austin, Lenita Balsbough, Jocelyn Carter, Dara DeCola, Allison Deese, Stephen Dickinson and Jennifer Nagy. St. Mary’s County graduates in the back row from left are Frances O’Hara, Stephanie Pankiewicz, Rebecca Schramm, Zachary Teston, Ashley Thompson, Marilaan Van Der Merwe, Katrina Wagaman and Meghan William.

Marilaan van der Merwe, 25, of Leonardtown, was awarded the CSM Health Sciences Division Academic Achievement, given to the graduate with the highest grade point average in the class. van der Merwe – a South African citizen who came to the United States in 2012 as an au pair – entered CSM’s Nursing Program in spring 2017. During the evenings’ cap and gown ceremony, van der Merwe and walked across the stage at the top of her class with the words “Not All Angels Have Wings – Some Have Stethoscopes” embossed on her graduation cap.

The following are the names of the CSM students who graduated with associate degrees in nursing Jan. 17.

Calvert County     

  • Lauren Belskie
  • Elizabeth Duncan
  • Angie Haddock
  • Savannah Keifline 
  • Kaitlyn Lane 
  • Lisa Malecki
  • Lindsay McKenzie
  • Kimberleigh Nicholas
  • Kathryn Oresik
  • Jenna Ware
  • Karlee Young

Charles County

  • Lindsey Bowersox
  • Jade Boyer
  • Lisa Dzialoski
  • Chanda McIver
  • Amanda Hill
  • Molly Harman
  • Taylor Namm
  • Claudia Reber
  • Jacqueline Taylor
  • Kitomila Turner
  • Rachel Turner

St. Mary’s County

  • Jacqueline Austin
  • Lenita Balsbough
  • Jocelyn Carter
  • Dara DeCola
  • Allison Deese
  • Stephen Dickinson
  • Jennifer Nagy
  • Frances O’Hara
  • Stephanie Pankiewicz
  • Rebecca Schramm
  • Zachary Teston
  • Ashley Thompson
  • Marilaan Van Der Merwe
  • Katrina Wagaman
  • Meghan Williams

Prince William County

  • Patrick Allen

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