Woodrow Thomas

La Plata, MD – Woodrow Thomas, 28 of Waldorf, facing 10 counts ranging from first-degree assault to possession of a firearm with a felony conviction, passed out in Charles County Circuit Court Tuesday, Aug. 30 after a jury found him guilty on all counts following a day-and-a-half long trial that began Monday.

Thomas was accused of opening fire at a car following an argument in a Waldorf neighborhood April 24, 2015.

Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney Francis Granados had witnesses in high places for this trial before Judge Amy J. Bragunier.

One was a gardener at the White House.

Another works at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Their testimony probably helped produce a conviction for Granados.

Terrence Thomas, the White House gardener, testified he was sitting on the couch with his children when he heard a commotion outside.

“I didn’t know if they were playing or fighting,” Thomas testified. “I got up and looked out the window. They were yelling at each other. It was kind of dark. I could tell one of the men had long hair.

“They had hold of each other,” he added. “I sat back down and within a couple of minutes I heard the gunshots. I told the children to get down and called 911.”

Granados pointed out that the defendant, who had short hair in court, previously had dreadlocks.

Detective John Long of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office said that Thomas came to the District 3 CCSO office seeking protection after he was beaten up at a party.

Charles County Assistant Public Defender Michele Harewood questioned Long, who admitted Thomas came in as a victim before they considered charging him.

“He seemed a little shaken,” Long said.

Marcus Lee, who works as a custodian at the U.S. Supreme Court, said he went to Waldorf with his friend, Burrell Smith, who needed to pick up his daughter.

He said when they got to their destination, his friend got out of the car and went to the house. It was dark, Lee stated, but he saw his friend talking to an individual.

“They got into a heated argument,” he said. “They got into a tussle. My friend got back into the car and said, ‘that guy pulled a gun on me.”

“He was just there to pick up his little girl,” he added. “I was sitting in the passenger seat. He hopped into the car and the other man shot at the car.”

Harewood tried to insinuate that Lee did not see a gun.

“You told the detective that you saw a gun that night,” Granados said.

“Yes,” Lee said. “He had a handgun in his right hand. He hit Burrell in the face with it.”

When the jury returned a verdict Tuesday night of guilty on all counts, Thomas passed out in a dead faint.

The defendant was taken to University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center for medical assistance.

Bragunier revoked his bond until his sentencing Nov. 17.

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