CALIFORNIA, Md. — More accusations about poor COVID safety practices at a California, Maryland nursing home. The BayNet has shared accusations from former employees about no masks and the failure to quarantine COVID-19 positive patients at the Discovery Commons Wildewood facility. The parent company of the facility strongly denied the allegations and pointed out it “The community had a three hour assessment with the Department of Health on December 9th and was in compliance with PPE use according to CDC and Department of Health guidance.”

The St. Mary’s County Health Department confirmed that the facility did participate in a virtual assessment where they “…recommended the staff continue all procedures and protocols in place and made a couple of recommendations which were welcomed and implemented.”  SMCHD also said they believed the nursing home had an adequate supply of PPE.

Son Worries About Mask Safety

However, a concerned son contacted TheBayNet about incidents involving mask use that occurred after that December 9th meeting. 

The man wanted to make it clear that he has been very satisfied with his mother’s care at Discovery Commons, with the exception of his concerns over their COVID safety practices. He called the staff “loving and caring.”

He said he first became concerned two months ago when he noticed a receptionist had her mask down in the lobby. On another visit, he saw a janitor with their nose exposed. The man said he didn’t raise too much of a fuss, because his mom was otherwise well taken care of and he didn’t want to cause any issues.

A week and a half ago, he got the call that his mother had tested positive for COVID. When he made a video call to his mother, he was surprised to find a healthcare worker sitting next to his mother with her mask exposing her nose. When he called back later that evening, the same healthcare worker wasn’t even wearing a mask. 

He said he wasn’t aware of TheBayNet’s articles until the nursing home mentioned them in an email to him to refute the claims made by former employees. That’s when he decided to read the articles and contact us.

Proper Mask Education

That’s when he says he contacted administration to find out what types of procedures they have in place. “I told her, ‘The staff is great. They’ve always been loving and caring to my mom, but I’m concerned about masks.”

He was also stunned to see his mother on a video call, unmasked and in a common area with other patients after she’d tested positive for COVID-19.

“I just want to shake these guys and say, “look”  I didn’t meet anyone in there that wasn’t a kind person.  I feel like they just haven’t been exposed to the precautions that you have to take.”

He provided screenshots of the video calls to confirm his allegations. We are not sharing those screenshots to protect the privacy of his mother and the nursing home workers. 

Company Says Staff Is Educated On Mask Rules

When we contacted the parent company of Discovery Commons about earlier accusations of lax COVID procedures, they said”

  • We provide frequent education on COVID precautions and our enhanced protocols to residents, families, and team members.
  • Whenever we have a positive COVID case, residents are asked to quarantine in their apartments to minimize exposure to other residents and team members.