I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity. – John D. Rockefeller”

I noticed there is another movie coming out about a terrible storm and end-of-the-world scenarios. I’m not a huge fan, or any movie that glorifies crime, but what do I know?

I’ll tell you. I know dinosaurs and the real disaster that contributed to their extinction. These are real facts about the asteroid that hit Earth and the information is mind-blowing. So wrap your mind around this the next time the news says an asteroid  is within range to hit us.

One of my hobbies is fossils and dinosaurs. I get to teach kids about the extinction of dinosaurs and how fossils are created. It is fun and I bring in examples. I probably enjoy it more than the kids.

So 65 million years ago, 66,038,000 to be more exact, dinosaurs became extinct. Well this wasn’t overnight; their numbers had started to decline, but many factors played apart into their demise.

For example, this was partly due to plate tectonics or continental movement, which brought new dinosaurs in contact with each other and led to disease. Just like the first few days of day care or school.

Volcanos were also erupting more frequently and caused changes in climate. Sudden temperature change to the planet would affect sperm production in the males and make them sterile. So no little dinos.

Well every Dino has his day but when a 6 mile wide asteroid came to town everything would change forever. How do they know it came from space? There is a layer of Iridium all over the world, which only comes from the great beyond, and has been dated to match the asteroid impact timeframe. There is a new theory it could have been a comet and not a asteroid but let’s get back to the facts of the devastation and destruction for you disaster movie fans.

Off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico is where the impact took place. That’s just north of Cancun for you party animals. It hit Earth at a speed 150 times faster than an airplane and at a 30 degree angle, like skipping a rock, and left a crater 100 miles across. At that angle, the blast would have sent a fire wall, wind, molten rock and a wall of water up through the US.

Check this out:

  • It went into the ocean and into the bottom surface of the planet at a speed of 12 miles per second.
  • It set off a sound boom knocking animals over and hurting ear drums.
  • It created a fireball 7 miles high.
  • The light from the impact was as bright as a million suns.
  • A light so bright it would blind animals for 100s of miles and even left a photograph-like shadow on the ground from the flash of the impact.
  • Sent a heat burst hotter than the sun for several minutes.
  • The heat and wind would ignite everything instantaneously in its path for 150 miles. That’s 600 degrees for 100s of miles.
  • Next a 300 foot wave traveled 100s of miles across the World.
  • Almost 60 – 70 percent of life was destroyed.
  • A cloud kept sunlight off Earth for months.
  • With no sunlight; plants died and the rest of the food chain followed. Winter lasted 3 years.
  • Smaller animals, with fur, could survive by finding alternative food sources and hiding underground.

This isn’t a movie. These are real scientific facts. Much worse than any movie or zombie apocalypse. I hope you had some entertainment value from this.

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