Last Saturday night the cheers of the Bowie Baysox Stadium were for some great live sports action.Once again Torrey Pocock coordinated a wonderful evening as The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team #WWAST came to town to battle some NFL stars like: Kirk Cousins, Darnell Dockett, Josh Morgan, Niles Paul and more.

This year was different because they had to combine both teams as last year was a blowout. The NFL players got whooped.

Earlier in the week Torrey brought shortstop, Matt Kinsey, and the WWAST Coach to WJLA in DC to promote this event. Foundation 4 Heroes was also in studio as they were invited back for their second year to help support these tremendous heroes and create a buzz while at WJLA. Check the video on their facebook page. It’s funny.

It turned out to be a beautiful night for a ball game and it started with a great version of the National Anthem sung by Miss Capitol Region, Madhu Valli.
Next was the Homerun Derby. Not a lot of people jacked the softball over the wall but Matt Kinsey, of the WWAST did. He ended up winning that competition.

While Thor, Supergirl, Superman, Elsa, Star Lord, Gamora, Captain America, Batgirl, Batman,Agent Colson, The Flash and Hulkster entertained the crowd, an awesome game took place.

It went back and forth and one team scored 3 runs in the bottom of the inning to make it a tie game for the final. Appropriate, as both the NFL players that came out, and of course the Wounded Warriors, were heroes and deserved to win.
Afterwards both teams greeted and congratulated one another and then took pictures together. Foundation 4 Heroes was invited to mingle with the teams for some fun photos as well.

It was a thrill to get a picture with Vice Chief of Staff of the US Air Force General Larry O. Spencer. Not every day you are talking with a 4-Star General.

There is now a Wounded Warrior Softball Camp for kids, which was created to help children talk with adults who have conquered similar injuries and assist them with how to function and play sports. A super idea to mentor these kids one on one with some true heroes. The Foundation is looking forward to becoming a part of this too.

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