Leonardtown, MD — A Lexington Park man has been sentenced to three years in jail after pleading guilty to distribution of narcotic controlled dangerous substances. James Lionel Medley, Jr., 29 was sentenced Wednesday in St. Mary’s County Circuit Court by Judge Michael Stamm.

State guidelines for the conviction were three to seven years in jail. The judge imposed the seven-year sentence but suspended all but three years. Judge Stamm noted that Medley had four previous convictions, which raised the jail time exposure in the state guidelines.

Medley’s attorney, public defender Kevin Hill told the judge that his client had tried to get into Adult Recovery Court but was not accepted. He said Medley also had been seeking acceptance into programs at Walden. The judge said he would give Medley credit for any treatment programs that he was accepted in and completed during his incarceration.

Medley told the judge, “I am trying to change my life back around.”

Court documents also have listed a California, MD address for Medley.

The judge gave Medley credit for the 99 days he has already spent in jail for the charges.

Medley was indicted on January 13th of this year on two separate charges of narcotics possession and distribution. The state dropped the other charges with the guilty plea on the one count.