Encompass Enterprises Helps Turn Dreams Into Reality
Credit: Encompass Enterprises INC.

LUSBY, Md. – Since 2015, Encompass Enterprises INC., located at 13325 Rousby Hall Rd. Lusby, has been helping clients in Southern Maryland turn their imagination into reality.

Encompass Enterprises is a multi-faceted commercial and residential construction company. Their efforts on new construction and renovation projects can be experienced throughout Calvert and St. Mary’s County, their website, Pinterest page, multiple social media platforms as well as being featured on three Episodes of HGTV’s Beach front Bargain Hunters- Renovation.

Encompass is made up of five separate divisions and entities. Encompass Door & Awning, where they offer both commercial and residential custom and standard garage and rollup doors service and installation, power awnings, solar and power screens, and pergolas. Their Creative Surfaces Division does custom epoxy surfaces i.e.: garage floors, commercial space flooring, countertops as well as custom river pour furniture.

Encompass Enterprises Helps Turn Dreams Into Reality
Credit: Encompass Enterprises INC.

Encompass Enterprises Specialized Service Division is a handyman division that handles basic client work orders for home repairs, up to and including, custom bathrooms, kitchens, and decks. They also serve the real estate market with pre-sale property preparation and post-sale inspection repairs. 

Currently, they are also in the process of coordinating a new business offering to be launched in 2023, Encompass Marine Construction. Encompass Marine Construction will provide installation and service of boat lifts, PWC lifts, piers, and pier accessory products in addition to offering boathouse renovation and MDE permitting.

“The vision for Encompass was to create a renovation and construction company that becomes a true partner with their clients,” Gene Benton, the owner of Encompass, told TheBayNet.com. “I also wanted to make the company very diverse in the overall offerings not only to cater to our clients’ needs, but to establish multiple strategic divisions that could support and manage future business to one another.”

Benton also went on to explain that his favorite parts of their projects are the interactions between Encompass and their clients, not to mention the amazing, finished products delivered.  Encompass strives to set standards that separate them from other contracting companies. 

“Our business is based on a collaborative approach (One Team… One Vision… Clients Included) to bringing our clients’ dream projects to fruition. Encompass aids in everything from property acquisition to design and deliverables,” explained Benton. “We have detailed project deliverables, a transparent approach and well-rounded custom construction knowledge.”

Encompass Enterprises Helps Turn Dreams Into Reality
Credit: Encompass Enterprises INC.

Encompass’s main goal is to make their process as easy as possible for their clients, so that they can help their dreams become reality.

Encompass is proud to be a locally owned family and faith-based business that supports multiple youth sports leagues and community organizations such as the SMILE food pantry and thrift store, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization.

To learn more about Encompass Enterprises and what they offer, and to fill out an estimate request form, you can visit their website at: https://encompassenterprisesinc.com/.

You can also give them a call at 443-771-2862.

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