LEXINGTON PARK, Maryland —  The nursing home resident featured in a viral Facebook video is one step closer to going home. Yesterday, we told you about Ashley Milburn’s emotional online plea for help for her father.  Navy vet Johnny Martin, 61, is recovering from a stroke in the Chesapeake Shores Nursing Home in Lexington Park.

Milburn voiced her concern over her father’s care and his recent COVID diagnosis as well as a lack of communication from the nursing home. 

Her father’s roommate tested positive for COVID-19. Milburn said that instead of isolating her father, the nursing home moved him into a room with another patient whose roommate had tested positive for the virus.  Martin tested positive for COVID-19 on November 29.  “Days before that, we knew he had it. We called him and he was gasping for air. Now we’re being told that he won’t be retested for 90 days.”

Milburn tried contacting government agencies for help with no success, so she took her case to social media. 

Mom Takes Issue With Statement

A spokesperson for Signature HealthCARE, the parent company of Chesapeake Shores addressed the issues raised in the video in a lengthy response. 

Ashley’s Milburn’s mother, Tracey Martin, said much of what they said in the reply was true. But she took issue with this statement. 

“Often times, family members who are not listed as the responsible party become upset as they believe they should have been called, notified, or informed about specific information concerning their loved one.  Again, per policy and regulation, we can only notify the responsible party.  It is up to the responsible party as to whether they choose to tell other family members or how they inform other family members. Ms. Ashley Milburn, who is highlighted in your article, is not listed as a responsible party in our records.”

Martin said she did name her daughter as a contact person. “I put Ashley on the call list because I was going into the hospital and I needed them to reach her.”

She wanted to make it clear that she was not withholding any information from her family. “I don’t want Ashley to be made out as a liar or for them to imply I don’t give information to my family. He has eight brothers and sisters who are worried sick about him.”

‘It’s Not Just About Him’

Martin also felt the response didn’t fully address the COVID issues at the nursing home. “There are 94 confirmed cases of COVID with residents, 5 deaths, and over 30 staff members.”

However, she did have some good news. Since the story began to grab online attention yesterday, communication has improved with the nursing home. “I called last night and they put me right to the nurse’s station. I called this morning and I got the head of nursing.”

She said her husband will be moved to what’s called a “green zone” today and it’s possible he could be on his way home soon. “We’re going to set up a conference. I’m not taking him out against medical advice. We’re going to see what we need to do about bringing him home.”

Martin said she’s proud of her daughter for calling attention to the problems at the nursing facility. “It’s not just about him. It’s about everyone in there. He doesn’t deserve this. Neither do any of the other residents. Ashley is being a voice for all for them right now.  I’m super-proud of her.”